Chapter Forty-Eight

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"Nothing!" I groaned as Chuck laughed from across the room.

"Why did he say that then?" Dean questioned.

Chuck walked closer to us, "Relax, it was only one time."

"One time?!" Dean's voice screeched.

"No!" I interrupted but I wasn't heard by the arguing boys.

"Yes, I taught her a few things." Chuck smirked.

"I'm sure you did." Dean rolled his eyes.

"I did," Chuck said "As I touched the sides of her, bringing my hands to her legs.."

"Stop!" Dean yelled.

"Then rubbing her all over, while slowly and painlessly, unlike some people, put my large penis inside her." Chuck continued.

"Shut up, Chuck!" I screamed.

"And she loved every minute of it, trust me I know she loved it. She couldn't stop moa-"

"Quit!" I pushed him into the wall behind him, hitting his chest.

"You know you loved it." Chuck smirked.

"No I didn't!" I cried.

"Yes we did, don't you remember when I touched you like this?" He said as he wrapped his hands around my ass.

"Get off of her!" Dean yelled.

"Now!" I slapped Chuck across the face.

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