Chapter Forty-One

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Emily runs over to Harry, pushing his chest and screaming at him.

"What is wrong with you, Harry?! Why do you always have to start fights?!"

"I was trying to defend her!" he snapped.

"Dean isn't even the one that did it!" I interrupted.

"What?" Harry asked, looking at Dean. "Sorry,"

"This is what I'm talking about! You just randomly punch people without a reason!" Emily yelled.

"What bastard did it?" Chuck asked. "I'm gonna kick his ass."

"Like you don't know." I rolled my eyes.

"What are you talking about?" He asked, confused.

"Stop acting like you don't know what I'm talking about."

"I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Did Chuck do it?" Harry asked angrily, taking a step forward.

"Calm the fuck down Harry!" Emily groaned, rolling her eyes.

"But he hurt her!" Harry sneered.

"You don't know that, Harry! You always end up pissing me off." Emily huffed, turning around and walking away. She's pissed. Harry soon realizes what he said and takes off after her.

"What is he talking about?" Sam asked.

"Chuck did this to her when he was drunk." Dean muttered. I stormed off in the opposite direction as Emily and Harry because I saw Emily slap Harry for getting too close to her. Damn, don't wanna be a part of that drama.

I gasped as I saw Sam jump on Chuck, punching him. Dean followed behind, not wanting to break up the fight. Emily ran back, scolding them.

"You need to calm down before someone gets murdered! You don't want to go to jail do you?! Stupid boys. Always trying to cause fights. Just like Harry!" she ranted, making them stop and get up, staring at each other. They look down, ashamed.

"Why are you punching him?" She asked.

"He tried to rape Alex." Dean said.

"What?! Rape?" Sam freaked out.

"What?!" Chuck asked as he got slapped in the face by Emily.  "Damn, someone's PMSing." Chuck muttered.

"Shut your face, gay boy."

"Change the tampon." Chuck laughed.

"How dare you talk to her like that?" Sam snapped.

"The fuck?" Harry called from behind Sam. "She's not your girlfriend, she's mine."

"Then treat her how she deserves to be treated." Sam replied.

"Damn. Where's my popcorn?" Emily giggled.

"You think this is funny?" Harry asked, storming off.

"Harry's the one on his period, not me." Emily stated, rolling her eyes again.

"I almost fucked her?" Chuck asked hopefully.

"Almost." I spat.

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