Chapter Fifty-One

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I didn't talk to Dean for the rest of the day. Emily has been trying to get me to talk to him, but why would she expect me to? He basically called me a slut who likes to be touched by a fuck boy?

Fuck him. He can call me a slut all he wants. As far as I'm concerned, I'm done with him.

I was stuck in my thoughts, laying on the bed until Dean came and sat next to me.

"Alex.." He began as he grabbed my hand.

"No." I pulled my hand away, getting up, "Get away from me."

"Alex, c'mon." He followed me, tugging my arm back.

"No, you're rude as fuck and I'm not going to deal with that. We're done" I snapped.

"What why? Alex, I love you." He followed me.

"Go!" I yelled.

The door opened, we both looked to see who it was. "Woah, what's going on?" Sam asked, concerned.

"Nothing" Dean huffed, moving closer to me.

"She said stay away!" Sam got in front of me.

"You stay away!" Dean said back.

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