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Chapter Forty-Nine

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I shoved Chuck into the wall again, moving away from his reach. "She especially loved it when I would touch her all over." He lied.

"Shut your fucking face now before I beat your ass." Dean said aggressively.

"Calm the fuck down, what happened?" Harry said, getting Dean to back up.

"He doesn't like that his girlfriend likes me more than him." Chuck smirked, staring at me.

"Bullshit!" Dean yelled back.

I crossed my arms, hoping Dean didn't believe anything Chuck was saying. "Yes, it's all bullshit" I rolled my eyes.

"What are you talking about? You loved it when I would touch you." Chuck winked.

"Stop fucking with everybody, Chuck!" Harry yelled.

"Like this," Chuck said, putting both of his hands on my boobs, ignoring everything of what everyone else was saying.

I kicked him in the balls before Harry punched him in the face. "Is that all you got?" Chuck asked, wiping the blood off his lip.

"No." Dean said, punching him again.

"Why is Chuck on the floor?" Sam asked, confused.

"Why do you think?" Dean exhaled.

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