Chapter one hundred four

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Everyone got bored so we decided to do the name game. I explained the directions and everyone wrote down two names and put them in the jar.

We sat in a circle as I went through the names. "Who wrote Shithead?" I question. "I am not naming my kid Shithead." I roll my eyes.

Everyone looks at Chuck. "I swear it wasn't me." He raises his hands, showing me he's innocent. "It seems like something I would do but I didn't, this kid could be mine."

I shake my head at them and then read out the names. "Okay, who wrote Nicki Minaj?" I say, putting those names aside. "Never mind." I groan as everyone looks at Chuck again.

Want me to read them?" Dean asks when he notices I'm frustrated.

I hand him the jar. "Sure."

He starts reading them. "Brittany, Sharkeisha-"

"That's not funny, Emily." I say to her, interrupting dean.

"How did you know it was me?" She asks.

Dean ignores us and continues. "Sophia, Callie, Peyton, Maggie, Harry Jr, Paisley, Lilly, Jenifer." He finishes.

"Okay, I know what I'm naming my baby." I say.

Everyone looks hopeful. "What?" Emily asks. "Harry Jr?"

"Not Harry Jr, its a surprise."

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