Chapter Thirteen

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I put one hand on his face and pressed my lips onto his, with my other hand still on the button on his pants. I continued kissing him, taking my hand off his face, and putting it on the button. I finally built of the courage to unbutton and unzip his pants.

He knew what I was trying to do. He stood up and took off his pants. I stared, but he didn't seem shy. He went back in the same position he was earlier, on his hands and knees leaning on me while laying down on the floor.

Dean suddenly sits up on his knees and looks at me, then looks at my chest. He leans in again putting both hands beside me, on the floor supporting him.

He starts kissing my chest and goes about 20 kisses down till he gets to my leggings. "Are you sure?" He asks while staring into my eyes. I nod in agreement, letting him know we are on the same page.

He sits up on his knees scooting back while putting both hands on the sides of my pants, pulling them down revealing pink panties.

"The pink matches your bra..." He teased.

"I'm going to kill you," I said, getting even more embarrassed. He smiles at me and looks down to my panties. He puts both hands on the sides of my panties, then looks at me. I give him a reassuring look. He slowly pulls them down, staring at every inch of my body.

I cover my eyes and squeeze my legs together shyly.

"It's okay." he said when he noticed. I nodded. While him leaning in to kiss me again.

We continued kissing until he sat up on his knees. He started kissing the outside of my left leg. I tensed up again as he got closer to my privates. He looked at me, then stood up.

He dropped his boxers. I looked at him for a few seconds then turned away. He could tell it made me uncomfortable. I closed my eyes, not even realizing I was doing it and looked down away from his dick. He sat down in the same position as earlier, two inches from my face.

"Don't be shy" he said trying to make me more comfortable with him.

My head was still turned away. He moved my head for me and kissed me roughly. I stopped suddenly with a uncomfortable look on my face.

"What's wrong?" He asked with a soft voice.

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