Chapter Thirty-Four

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Everyone left when my mom came home. There was still a bit of tension left between her and Dean. She says he's too old for me and that he's a bad example. I don't really care, she says that about all of the guys I date.

I decided to go to bed a little early since we are going to leave at five in the morning. Sam wanted to drive first because he doesn't trust anyone else driving except Dean, but Dean wanted to sit with me in the car.


"Hey babe, wake up." someone said, waking me up. I didn't recognize the voice at first.

I opened my eyes slowly. Dean was sitting on my bed next to me. "What time is it?" I mumbled.

"It's four-thirty." He said softly, moving the hair out of my face.

I groaned, tightly shutting my eyes. "Baby, its time to wake up." He said again in the same voice.

I waited a few seconds. "I'm too tired." I complained.

"Alex, please." He begged. After I didn't say anything, he continuously pecked every part of my face. I resisted smiling.

He put both hands on my torso then started tickling me. "Stop, stop! I cant breath" I burst into laughter.

"Will you get up now?" He asked, desperate.

"Fine." I smiled, opening my eyes.

"Finally." He said, relieved.

"Okay, I need to take a shower." I groaned.

"I think I need one too." he winked.

"Dean, no." I said plainly.

"Why." he whined.

"I just don't feel like it" I made an excuse.

"Are you okay?" He asked, confused.

"Dean, I'm fine" I snapped. I got up and got in the shower.

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