Mixed Blood (Sam Winchester x Reader) by YourCrimsonAngel
Mixed Blood (Sam Winchester x YourFallenAngel
Continuously being hunted down by demons and angels, you a black german shepherd with blue and gold eyes, find yourself trapped and soon to be found by two strange men...
  • hellhounds
  • supernatural
  • demons
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ENDEARMENT  ゚Dean Winchester's daughter ゚ Jack Kline by Advancedpotter
❝ Green eyes, blonde hair, that attitude. Yep that's Dean's daughter ❞ ❝ Go screw yourself Bobby. ❞ ( DEAN WINCHESTER X DAUGHTER ) 2018@advancedpotter
  • samwinchesterlovestory
  • samwinchester
  • lucifer
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Perks of Being a Winchester ⌲ SPN by winchasster
Perks of Being a Winchester ⌲ SPNby нαу∂єи ☕️
❝ You think you're tough, don't you? ❞ ❝ I think I'm a badass. ❞ _ in which Dean Winchester is the father of a female version of his teenage self
  • deanwinchester
  • sam
  • castiel
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Roswell (SPN x Avengers) by insaneredhead
Roswell (SPN x Avengers)by insaneredhead
Roswell is the unofficially adopted younger sister of Sam and Dean Winchester. After years of being left in the background, in motels or at Bobby's, Roswell chooses to l...
  • johnconstantine
  • satan
  • eriklensheer
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Little Winchester: Book One (Supernatural Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Little Winchester: Book One ( Loki
The Winchester's have a little sister by the name of Christina Mary Winchester, she's four. There's no where for her to go, so she tags along on their adventures around...
  • marywinchester
  • sisterwinchester
  • imaginaryfriend
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Guardian Angel~The Originals by caitlinyauger
Guardian Angel~The Originalsby StilinskiMikaelson13
What happens when an angel of the lord is destined to protect the Mikaelsons along with Hope the child of Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshell. What could go wrong, Wit...
  • werewolf
  • angels
  • theoriginals
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[1] ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs & ᴄᴀsᴛ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇs || sᴜᴘᴇʀɴᴀᴛᴜʀᴀʟ (ᴄᴡ) by SteveFromGasNSip
[1] ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs & ᴄᴀsᴛ ɪᴍᴀɢɪɴᴇs || •ᑎᗩᒪ•
❝Requests for imagines are open so feel free to message me or comment within the book!❞ Imagines about: * Sam Winchester * Dean Winchester * Castiel * J...
  • werewolf
  • castiel
  • marksheppard
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Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Fanfic) by damarismiller
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural Damaris Miller
[Book 1/3 of The SPN Daughter series] After 15 years, Dean finally learns that he has a daughter. Maeve Kelly has these supernatural powers that she can't explain. She...
  • fanfiction
  • hunters
  • supernatural
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virgin mary ; dean winchester by -mishan-accomplished
virgin mary ; dean winchesterby MISHAMISHA
tragedy looked beautiful on her. {{UNDER EDITING}}
  • pregnancy
  • angels
  • spn
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❝ it's quick, isn't it? everything that occurs when you're in love happens so fast. you find her, you fall for her, you lose her. a blink of an eye, that's all it takes...
  • samwinchester
  • blink
  • spn
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A Shield of Hope (Sam Winchester) by mrnovak67
A Shield of Hope (Sam Winchester)by Supernatural-Lover❤️
Starts with Season 5 Episode 5. Contains Spoilers! When God created the world, with Lucifer and Michael by his side he knew that one day an apocalypse would fall upon h...
  • winchester
  • romance
  • gabriel
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Demon Dadddy by DadddyDestiel
Demon Dadddyby Dadddy Destiel
Ever since dean became a demon, he stopped feeling emotions, but one little girl starts to bring back memories of what it's like to be needed
  • chuck
  • samwinchester
  • demondean
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Vagabond by curiass
Vagabondby Allie
Katherine is back, and more of a grouchy bear than ever. Armed with snark and a collection of polaroids, she embarks on a new mission with the Winchesters: Save The Frea...
  • supernatural
  • winchester
  • samwinchester
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Winchester One Shots [Mature] by harrys-dimples-1d
Winchester One Shots [Mature]by ♡ Angel ♡
  • samwinchester
  • deanwinchester
  • dirtyimagines
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Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTER by smolderholders
Tragedy ° DEAN WINCHESTERby chillin' like a villain
❝show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy.❞ [dean winchester x emery wilson] [supernatural; season one-three] [stunning cover by @caesteckers] [completed] [highest ra...
  • castiel
  • jaredpadalecki
  • spn
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Infinity's Stones(SPN/Avengers) by insaneredhead
Infinity's Stones(SPN/Avengers)by insaneredhead
With the threat of Thanos and the Infinity Stones looming God and the Cosmic Entity came together to create a weapon more powerful then the Mad Titan. An Infinity Gauntl...
  • infinitysinger
  • infinitystones
  • spn
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With Three L's (SPN/TVD) by insaneredhead
With Three L's (SPN/TVD)by insaneredhead
Meet Tallulah, Damon Salvator's foul mouthed, sexually agressive twin sister. Follow her adventures with her brothers and her bloosoming relationship with Sam Wincheste...
  • megangfox
  • spn
  • stefansalvatore
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The Other Hybrid (Klaus Twin/Dean Winchester pairing) by insaneredhead
The Other Hybrid (Klaus Twin/ insaneredhead
Erika Mikaelson, twin to Klaus Mikaelson, owns a bar for monsters, but when Dean Winchester appears in her life, it is completely turned upside down. I AM TERRIBLE AT S...
  • mikaelsons
  • theoriginals
  • spn
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Lost And Found (SPN/Avengers) by insaneredhead
Lost And Found (SPN/Avengers)by insaneredhead
Zara Vasiliev is the illegitimate daughter of Dean Winchester, born to a Sokovian mother and kept hidden from her father for the first 15 years of her life. She is force...
  • samwinchester
  • johnwinchester
  • bobbysinger
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When We Collide (SPN x Avengers) by insaneredhead
When We Collide (SPN x Avengers)by insaneredhead
A one night stand between Tony Stark and Spencer Winchester sends Tony on a wild goose chase to track down a woman that has some how inched her way under his skin. A cha...
  • avengers
  • supernatural
  • samwinchester
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