Chapter Fifty-Three

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After an hour in the lazy river we decided to go get food. Everyone was too lazy to get their own so they made me go get it.

I waited in the line while everyone else waited at the table. I would turn around every once in a while and see Chuck and Dean staring at me. Chuck was more smirking rather than staring. Gross.

I guy came behind me and smiled. I smiled back. Their reaction was priceless, watching me with another guy.

"Hi, I'm Aaron." He smiled.

"Alex." I smiled back.

"Those guys can't take their eyes off you, and I know why."

"Wow, already hitting on me?" I joked.

"I'm going to do you a favor, don't get mad." He slid his hand down my arm, lightly setting his hand on my ass.

"Woah, I see what you're doing." I laughed.

"Yeah, they are so mad!"

"Kiss me."

He put his hands around my back, touching my ass. I put my hands around his neck and set my lips on his.


"My pleasure. So which one is the ex?"

"light brown hair, green eyes."

"Ohh, I see. He looks pissed."

It was my turn to order. I got my food and smiled at Aaron. "Thanks." I winked, walking back to the table.

I set the food down. "What the fuck was that?" Dean asked.

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