Chapter Six

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After he left, my mom came home. I guess it was perfect timing.

"Hi." I greeted.

"Hello, how was your day?" My mom asked.

"It was fine" I responded. If only I could tell her what happened. I would tell Ashton but she's a bitch. I'm done with her. I ended up texting Harry to meet me at the park.

He wanted to bring his girlfriend and I was fine with that, plus I needed to start being friends with her. They seem like their relationship will only build and maybe he could marry her some day.

I walked over to the park. It takes about 7 minutes to walk over. We are all lucky we live in the same neighborhood. I guess that's the best part about living in a small area.

"Hey" I said to them. They didn't notice, they were too busy making out. Harry held up one finger letting me know to wait.

"Um, okay I'll just wait here.." I said, sounding impatient.

Harry and Emma were underneath the picnic table. It was really cute watching them. I continued watching them until Harry just had to be a guy and grab her boobs.

"Um excuse me, I'm right here! Don't fucking grab her boobs in front of me!" I warned, getting annoyed.

Harry finally got up. "Okay, what happened?" I kept thinking of a way to describe it but I just couldn't without making myself sound like a retard.

"Um well.. I don't really know... well we were about to have sex but I stopped it. Well not about to, but he was taking off my pants." I answered.

"Wait what? Sam tried to have sex with you? I thought he was your brother?!" He asked.

"Oh god, not Sam!" I screamed at him.

"Then who was it?" He asked.

"Dean." I said, waiting for his reaction.

"Alex!" He yelled.

"What? You'd rather have me almost fuck my brother?" I yelled back.

"He's way to old for you." He said in a disapproving voice.

"I know, don't judge." I said.

"Wait, I'm lost." Emily said.

I ended up telling the whole story to her. She gets me more than Harry does, I think we will be good friends. Harry got frustrated and left.

I went home and went to bed a little earlier than I usually would. When I woke up, I checked my phone. I had about 23 text messages from Sam. Mostly about him being sorry and that he wants to make it up to me. And surprisingly I had 2 from Dean. He said "her" then he corrected his self by putting "hey*" right after.

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