Chapter Eighteen

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"Well who is it?" He asked me while tapping his foot with anticipation.

"No one, I just wanted ice cream." I said while dying on the floor in laughter. He looked at me with a straight face.

"GIVE ME THE ICE CREAM, YOU BITCH!" he yelled while jumping on me. He took the ice cream from me and put it somewhere high.

"Asshole." I said with an annoyed face. He laughed.

"Fine! I'll tell you who it is" I said while pointing at the ice cream letting him know I want it.

"Yay!" He said while grabbing the ice cream. I tried to grab it out of his hands but I ended up on the ground. He sat and me and wouldn't let me get up.

"WHO IS IT!" He yelled.

"Give me chocolate" I said while trying to push him off me.

"Tell me and you'll get it" he said.

"Bitch get off me!" I yelled while slapping him. I could tell he wasn't going to move.

"She told me not to tell you, but for ice cream I will tell you." I said while holding out my hands for ice cream.

Chuck grabbed a spoon full of ice cream.

"What's her name?" He asked while feeding me a spoon full of ice cream.

"Sorry Chuck, I just wanted ice cream, you fucker."

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