Chapter Twenty-Four

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"Oh, like the trip we were going to take a while ago?" He asked, trying to pay attention to the road.

"Yeah, it'll be fun. We can go to amusement parks, swim at the beach, water parks, and we get a whole week to do it." I smiled.

"Where will we stay? I don't have enough room in my apartment for six people." he asked.

"I already found a hotel, we could all chip in for a suite with a few rooms." I responded.

"Okay it's a yes for me, but I still have to convince Dean." he said as we pulled into the parking lot of the gas station. I couldn't stop smiling, I thought he would say no.

"Yay! And thanks Sam but I don't need a ride back, I'll tell Emily to pick me up." I got out of the car.

"Okay, text me about what to pack and when we leave." he waved. I nodded and waved back.

I walked into the gas station. I better call Emily so I'm not waiting here with heavy bags for a while. I picked up my phone and texted her to bring her stuff when she picks me up and we will go back to my place and have our sleep over. I put away my phone and started getting the snacks. Chips, candy, ice cream, soda, energy drinks.

I put them on the counter and paid for the stuff. Emily finally got here and we headed to my house.

"Let's watch a movie." Emily suggested, helping me put the snacks on the counter. I agreed and went to look at movies.

"Which one?" I asked.

"The Notebook, of course." She scoffed sassily.

"Okay, you set it up while I get the snacks ready" I said, going to pour us drinks, set chips out, and scoop ice cream.

We turned on the movie but we barely payed any attention to it. We were too busy talking and eating.

"So why exactly are you mad at Harry?" I asked, shoving ice cream in my mouth.

"He didn't even defend me when Chuck called me a side bitch." She said, trying not to get mad again.

"Oh, so you don't think he cheated on you?" I asked.

"No, Harry is too good to do that. He would never." She said.

"Oh, okay. And Harry did defend you, he punched Chuck in the face after you stormed off. I'm surprised his face isn't broken" I said.

She looked guilty, since she just found out she was mad for nothing. "Are you serious?!" She yelled. I nodded and waited for her to process it. I just watched the movie. "I have to call him!" She yelled, pulling out her phone. I could hear her talking to him.

"Hey babe,"

"I'm so sorry, will you forgive me?"

"I would, but I'm at Alex's house."

"Yeah I'm sleeping over."

 "Tomorrow though?"

 "I love you so much!"


"Well that sounded like y'all forgave each other" I said, smiling. She nodded while smiling back.

"So, whatever happened with Dean?" she teased.

"What? Nothing happened, who told you something happened?" I asked, kinda freaking out. I swear if Chuck said something I'm going to kill him.

"Oh my gosh, tell me everything!" She yelled, getting excited.

"We'll let's just say that I'm no longer a virgin."

"Holy shit! When?"


"Oh my god! Was it fun?"

"It hurt."

"Oh, why?"

"I don't know."

"What did Dean say?"

"At first he seemed like he liked it, but then he stopped because he said he didn't want to hurt me."

"Ohh, shit. Sorry."

"Yeah, he hasn't even called me."

"What the fuck, what an asshole!"

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