Chapter Forty

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Chuck changed his mind about the water park to go against Dean, so we ended up choosing the beach.

I put on my white bikini then I put on a cover up. I walked out of the bathroom with a line waiting outside.

"You could've knocked." I laughed.

"You could've remembered that we only have two bathrooms." Sam smiled.

"Why aren't you using the other one?" I asked.

"Emily is taking longer than you are." Sam said.

"Oh my gosh! I have an idea, it's brilliant!" I said sarcastically.

"What?" He asked.

"Knock on the door." I laughed

"Aww, y'all are fighting like brother and sister," Chuck laughed "How cute."

I rolled my eyes and walked away. I didn't want to deal with Chuck's annoying personality. I can't believe I actually sorta liked him. Liked as in past tense.


I walked out of the hotel room and down to the beach, everyone else followed. Dean held my hand like a gentlemen. Chuck kept his distance. We set our towels and stuff down by the beach chairs.

"Yay." I said, laying out my towel.

"Let's go!" Harry yelled, ripping off his shirt off.

"Oh, Harry!" Emily joked, starring at Harry's v-line.

"Gross." I muttered, taking off my cover-up.

I tried to cover up the bruises Chuck left on me. Harry noticed and wouldn't stop starring. I turned around and started walking towards the water. Harry ran in front of me, not letting me go.

"Why do you have bruises there?"  He asked in a stern voice.

"I don't know." I shrugged.

"Yeah, she doesn't know." Dean rolled his eyes.

"You have been acting weird, did you hurt her?" Harry demanded to know.

"I didn't hit her-"

Harry punched Dean on the side of his face. It knocked him down onto the ground. Dean got on top of Harry and started punching him.

"Stop!" I yelled getting in front of Dean.

"Why are you protecting him?" He asked.

"He didn't do it!" I yelled

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