Chapter one hundred one

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By the time the movies over, everyone's asleep. It was cute watching them sleep. My mom decided to let them stay instead of making them go home.

I cuddled up next to Aaron all night. Whenever he would wake up in the middle of the night, he would kiss me. It was adorable and sweet.

When I woke up, I was in the middle of Chuck and Dean. "Ah." I choked, getting up.

"What's wrong, baby." Chuck whispered.

I rolled my eyes. "Where's Aaron?" I ask them.

Dean sat up. "He went to go pick up breakfast for everyone." He says to me.

I nod and run up to my room. I try to make myself look less horrible. Chuck comes in my room while I'm changing. "Out, Chuck." I whine.

He slowly walks out as someone comes in. "What?!" I raise my voice.

"It's me, Alex." Aaron says softly, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind.

I smile and turn around, pressing my lips on his. "I love you." I calm down.

We continue to kiss until we get interrupted again. "Alex!" My mom calls.

We both go downstairs. "Yeah?" I ask, seeing what she wants.

She gives me a look. "It's time for everyone to go home."


My mom didn't let anyone except Emily come over for almost five weeks. It was ridiculous. The only time I got to see anyone was my prenatal visits. She says she doesn't like my guy friends.

I argue with her all the time about it. She says that all of them have crushes on me and I shouldn't do that to people. Well except Harry. She doesn't trust my guy friends anymore.

I don't know why, they're good guys. They all come to each doctors appointment and call to see how I'm doing. It's really sweet.

I feel bad of making two of the guys do this for nothing. We won't know until the baby's born. It really sucks. I wish I could just save so much time.

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