Chapter Seven

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I got my phone and quickly responded to Dean.

Me: Hey..

Dean: I'm sorry, I took it a little too far :(

Me: I said its fine don't worry about it

Dean: are you sure?

Me: yesss okay

Dean: you don't seem okay

Me: I am okay

Dean: can you tell me what happened?

Me: no I don't really want to talk about it

Dean: please I just want to understand

Me: nahhhh

Dean: did I scare you? Did I touch you the wrong way? Please just tell me what I did

Me: no you didn't and no again.. You didn't do anything wrong

Dean: then what happened

Me: I'm just not ready okay

Dean: for?

Me: you know..

Dean: Ohh.. I'm sorry I shouldn't have even tried

Me: it's fine can we please talk about something else? I'm dying of embarrassment

Dean: you shouldn't be embarrassed

Me: well sorry it's just my personality

Dean: Alex

Me: what

Dean: I love it

Me: what?

Dean: how you get embarrassed over nothing

Me: oh.. Hush you're making me blush

Dean: can we hang out?

Me: well it is Saturday so yea what do you want to do?

Dean: can I surprise you?

Me: aw I don't like surprised but yes only because it's you

Dean: yay! So pick you up at 2:30?

Me: sure.. Wait what do I wear?

Dean: something comfortable like to move in oh and something that can get dirty

Me: you're scaring me Dean

Dean: don't worry about it you'll love it

Me: okay well I'm gonna go get ready see you at 2:30 :)

Dean: okay see you then ;)

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