Chapter one hundred

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YAAAAY finally at 100!!

Emily holds up cute onesie for a little girl. "Here's my baby shower gift." She says, putting it in her cart.

Harry shakes his head. "Maybe it's a boy, boys are better." He says grabbing a onesie with a car on it.

She grabs Harry's onesie out of the cart. "This is ugly, Alex doesn't want her baby to wear fugly clothes." She smiles at Harry playfully. "And she doesn't want a little boy, little boys are trouble."

I ignore them both and continue shopping for the basic stuff such as bottles.

He raises his eyebrows. "They are not trouble." He gets offended. "Little girls are brats, all they want are dolls."

Emily gasps. "Take that back, little girls are adorable."

I bud in. "I would like to have a little boy or a little girl." I start. "Harry, little girls grow into your girlfriend so shut up. Emily, little boys never grow up, look at Harry." I finish.

"Hey!" Harry yells from behind.

I chuckle to myself. "I'm just kidding, Harry. You're a man." I shake my head.

Emily laughs as she goes over to hold his hand. "We are just playing, I love you." She stands on her toes to kiss his cheek.

"Fine." He smiles after.

We finish shopping and start to leave. Chuck, Dean and Aaron were waiting for me when I got home. "Hello?" I question.

"It's movie night, remember." Chuck says.

We kind of started a movie night tradition but I didn't think they would actually keep it going.

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