Chapter 51

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Walker! I shot my pistol Carl made a silencer for it so I could use it when I take watch. There's another Hollee said I shot it again but walker after walker came stumbling out of the woods, holy shit Hollee gasped that's the biggest herd I've ever seen.

There was already 20 walkers stumbling towards camp but they kept multiplying, I turned to Hollee Go get Rick know! she jumped off the bus running while I shot the ones closet to the fence. I heard a scream I turned quickly walkers are in the camp

GET TO THE CARS!! Rick yelled

I jumped off the bus watching everyone run to the cars but I didn't see three people I heard another scream in the dorms shit

I ran killing walkers with my katana that got to close to me. I swung the doors opened but was met with four unfamiliar faces one guy had red hair and a mustache while another was a guy with a mullet, and two girls with black/brown hair.

They were helping Morgan, Carl, and Beth. WHERE'S KEATON?!?! I Yelled

He's in the room they wouldn't let me go back walkers are everywhere in the halls He's in his crib. I rolled my eyes typical, I ran towards the dorms she was right how did they even get in here. I swung my katana killing two walkers I kept running, killing until I made it to her room. Two walkers was trying to get through the door hearing the baby crying I panicked

I killed the walkers and I opened the door the window was broken a few walkers were trying to crawl through. I ran to his crib picking him up along with the emergency bags everyone is supposed to grab in cases like this. I always carry my bag around since I'm always scared something like this is going to happen. I heard groans I turned on my heels, five walkers started stumbling towards the room. I can't fight with Keaton in my arms.

I ran quietly to the closet closing it quietly trying to slow my breathing when they all started walking into the room. I rocked Keaton back and forth trying to keep him from crying.

Daryl's POV

GET TO THE CARS! I heard Rick yell from camp warning everyone. I was shooting walkers with my gun while people ran to the cars, four people came running with Beth, Carl, and Morgan.

I panicked WHERE'S ARIE?! I Yelled over the sounds of guns

She ran to get Keaton we couldn't stop her a guy with red hair yelled, shit why does she always think she has to be the hero. I'm going to get her! I turned but was caught by Rick, if she hasn't came back yet she's not coming back Daryl!


I ran shooting the walkers clearing a path until I made it to the dorms. As soon as I set foot in the building a explosion went off making my ears ring what the heck was that! I followed the noise of walkers.

I found walkers by the doors to everyone's rooms but I knew which one Arie was in since walkers were hitting on a door then a baby started to cry.

Following the noise to Morgan and Carl's room 6 walkers were trying to get into the closet I heard a faint whisper it was Arie talking to Keaton.

I threw my knife hitting a walker then shot the rest with my cross bow I closed the door so no others could get in. Aries breaths were erratic she was sobbing. I opened the closet but was met with a gun pointing at me ready to shoot. Arie it's okay it's just me she was shaking, put the gun down we need to leave now! I rushed she was frozen I took the gun from her then helped her up

Arie! Arie! look at me ya need to focus if we are going to get out of here alive. There's walkers everywhere she took a breathed then nodded lets do this.

We started walking around corners I killed the walkers in front of us while Arie made sure there was none behind us. We finally made it outside we are swarmed run for the bike!

Arie sped walked she refused to run since she had Keaton.

We made it to the bike, she held on to me with one hand and Keaton the other. I followed the tracks of the cars we found them about 4miles away near some railroad tracks. I got off the bike Arie followed soon after, Morgan ran to us crying along with Carl she took Keaton then hugged Arie. Thank you so much Arabell, she just nodded

I grabbed Aries hand turning her around. What the heck was that? I raised my voice
what do ya mean?
Why did ya just run in their without backup?! Ya need to stop trying to be the hero or ya gonna end up getting yourself killed!

Daryl! I wasn't about to leave Keaton In there to die!
I wasn't asking ya to do that! Ya just need to start thinking before ya do stupid shit! I interrupted her

Daryl just shut the fuck up and let me talk!

I know it was stupid but I refuse to let anyone from our group be left behind I don't care who it is I would die for anyone of our people! Ya have to understand I'm not just going to be the wimp who ran away from everything! I'm going to help whoever I want wether ya like it or not!

I know ya are! I'm just scared that one day ya going to run out of luck and ya will be gone! I can't loose ya Arie I'm In love with ya! I yelled

She stopped breathing crazily her eyes are filled with anger.



She caught me off guard by kissing me

I kissed her back letting my my hands find her hips, we pulled away breathless. Im in love with ya to Daryl but that doesn't change the fact I will always be In danger whether I put myself in it or not.

I know I just want to keep ya safe.

she sighed I know



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