Chapter 4

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I thought we where going back to the prison but Daryl did a U turn.

Where are we going now I asked very annoyed I just want to get to the prison and be far away from him.

I actually thought he wasn't a jerk and it was all just an act but I was wrong I mean seriously he called me a bitch.

I snapped out of my thoughts and asked him again since he ignored me the first time.
where are we going?!

We need more amo and guns he finally answered.

Cant you just go another day I just want to get back to the prison.

No we can't because there's this guy that is trying to take the prison away from us but we don't know when he will show up, he calls himself the governor but he ain't no governor.

I didn't answer I just stayed quite the rest of the way so I wouldn't annoy Darly anymore, after about 20 minutes we came across a weapons store. I got out and waited for Daryl, he finally came around the truck walking past me so I followed him up to the old building there were dead body's everywhere and it smelled awful.

We got to the door he tapped on it with his crossbow to see if any walkers were in there. After a couple of minutes he decided it was safe, I'm gonna go for the guns you get the amo he told me sternly. I nodded and started grabbing amo and stuffing it in a plastic bag i found behind the counter while he went across the store.

I also grabbed some knifes so we have some more silent weapons. I was walking around the store just looking for anything useful when I came across a sheath for a katana it was in a case.

Why would that be in a gun store I thought well I'm not complaining I lost my sheath awhile ago running from a herd and I need a new one. I grabbed the end of my katana then slammed it in the glass breaking it I grabbed the sheath and slid my katana in it then put it on my back.

Hey ya alright I heard Daryl yell across the store.

"yeah I'm fine"

I made my way back to front of the store, Daryl showed up a couple minutes later. Did ya break glass or something he asked me.

Yeah! I found a new sheath for my katana I told him excitedly.

He just rolled his eyes come on he mumbled while walking out of the store.

Whatever I know you don't care what comes out of a bitches mouth so why even try. I mumbled.

Are you ever going to let that go?! Daryl suddenly turned around and yelled I just flipped him off and kept walking. Did ya find anything useful I heard him mutter.

I got alot of amo some knifes so we have silent weapons. he nodded and threw his bag of guns in the back of the truck.

We made our way back to the prison not a word was spoke between us but i was okay with that. When we got to the prison I gave Rick the bag of stuff I found as did Daryl. Im going hunting Daryl mumbled while he walked out of the prison.

I just scoffed and rolled my eyes at how he just runs away from his problems, is there something wrong with you two Rick asked me I wasn't going to tell him anything I don't see why he would need to know.

Rick narrowed his eyes at me waiting for me to answer. So is there anything you need me to do I asked changing the subject

Yes actually you and Morgan can go on watch take a gun with you silent weapons will work on Walkers but not the intruders we need to keep out he explained.

I nodded Im not really good at shooting guns that's why Morgan has a pistol while I stick to my knifes. I went to find Morgan but couldn't find her but I spotted Carl sitting in a cell.

Hey Carl have you seen Morgan? Yeah she went to help Hershel plant some crops. Oh okay well do you think you could help me out cause I'm going on watch, Morgan was supposed to help me but she's already busy.

I'll have to ask my dad he answered me while walking to find Rick.

I waited by the door for a couple of minutes when Carl walked up to me

It took convincing but yeah I can.

We walked out to the fences so we just watch for people and make sure they aren't trying to kill us? I asked

Basically also kill as many walkers through the fence as you can I nodded.

So how old are you Carl? I asked I'm 14 he answered. So what's going on with you and Daryl?

Nothing he just piss's me off is all I stated

yeah I noticed when Daryl stormed out of the prison. He looked at me just be patient with him he doesn't like to show any kind of feelings towards anyone. I snorted at his statement yeah I kinda noticed.

It was quite again I stabbed a walker that was trying to get me through the fence. There was quite a bit of walkers the fences looked pretty weak I wonder how much longer they will last.

So what were you doing before this happened? Carl asked me. Well Carl I was going to school to be a veterinarian med tech I was on my 3rd year, had one more to go before this all happened.

If you don't mind me asking did you have a family or anything. I was silent this is a touchy subject for me I think Carl noticed because he spoke up. Never mind sorry for asking.

No it's okay Carl, I did well sorta I had a boyfriend his name was Logan it was just me, him and Morgan left we where on a run, he got bit I didn't know what to do but I knew I had to kill him so that's exactly what I did.

I was on the verge of tears that was a awful day I can still see him getting torn to pieces by those stupid walkers yelling for help but we couldn't do anything, I just wish he was still here.

I had to shoot my mom he told me how she was pregnant and something went wrong and she died and he had to put her down. Carl is such a nice kid I hate that he had to grow up in a world like this.


I know that the time thing is a little off in this story but I don't want it to be exactly like the walking dead so yeah

Hoped you liked this chapter! :)

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