Chapter 5

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After I was done taking watch I went back inside the prison. Hey Arabell would like something to eat? Carol asked me politely. Oh no thanks I'm not really hungry I smiled and continued my walk to my cell.

I was used to not eating much when It was just me and Morgan so I don't have to eat a lot to be full. I walked into my cell and laid down I sighed in relief I'm so tired I haven't slept good in forever but now I have a bed I thought.

Hey uh can I talk to ya? I heard a southern voice ask me I opened my eyes, Daryl was looking down at me. I nodded so he continued, Im uh sorry I called ya a bitch earlier I was uh mad and shit he stuttered.

I giggled slightly are you apologizing to me?

So what if I am ya better not get used to it he muttered

well I guess it's fine, thank you I answered back. he nodded then left, I sighed and closed my eyes again finally letting sleep consume me.

My eyes fluttered open I looked around it was still dark out probably around 4am, I couldn't go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried so I grabbed my katana put it on my back an slipped on my combat boots and stuffed my knife in one.

I tiptoed through the prison hoping I wouldn't wake anyone up, once I got outside of the prison I sat down by the fence I glanced at my ring on my finger I started to admire it.

What ya doing up so early a voice said I jumped. Don't do that! I yelled at Daryl he came to sit down besides me. Where did ya get the ring? he asked me.

my mom gave it to me when I was younger.. its the only thing I have left to remind me of her.

He nodded we just sat there for awhile I was starting to get tired, without thinking I laid my head on his shoulder he tensed but didn't move so I didn't bother to remove my head my eyelids started to get heavy I tried to keep them open but failed too.

I woke up, I was back in my cell I guess Daryl brought me back here this morning I got down from my bed and put my hair in a bun on top of my head I didnt want it in my face today it was getting really long it was almost past my butt.

Morgan was still sleeping so I woke her up. What she groaned I need you to come on a run with me I explained.

She nodded slowly getting up so I left her to get ready.

I walked out of the cell to find Rick to tell him where I was going I spotted him talking to Glenn so I walked up to him, Hey me and Morgan are going on a run do you guys need anything?

Some more clothes winter is getting close, we don't have any warm clothes he gave me a list of everybody's sizes I looked it over once then handed it to a sleepy looking Morgan. I went outside and saw Daryl, hey Daryl I yelled he looked up but ignored me so I walked up to him, do you know where the closest store is that have clothes and maybe shoes?

There's one about a hour north that has all kinds of stuff why? he asked,

Me and Morgan are going on a run Rick wanted us to pick up some clothes I explained. You guys are going alone? he asked. yeah we can handle ourselfs Daryl! I rolled my eyes and walked towards a car as soon as Morgan got in we left.

I followed Daryl's directions we came across a small mall there wasn't a walker in sight. Thats weird where are the walkers? Morgan finally spoke up

I don't know but let's hurry and get this over with I never really liked going into a big enclosed building these days you never know who or what will be in there.

I slide my katana out of its sheath and walked into the building slowly I didn't see any walkers or hear any so we continued we spotted a clothing store, it was right next to a shoe store I needed some new combat boots mine had holes in them. I went to the clothes I started getting the sizes that where on the list I stuffed as much as I could in my backpack along with a couple plastic bags, so did Morgan once we had enough we walked to the shoe store.

I spotted some black combat boots i ran over to them, they luckily had my size I took them out of the box then took off my old boots, I slipped them on my feet then started lacing them up it felt good to have new shoes. I was getting ready to leave when I heard groaning it didn't sound like just one walker though it sounded like a lot. I looked out of the store only to see a herd there had to be at least 2dozen.

Shit! Morgan help me close the shop up I whispered yelled. she helped me pull the chains down and secure them.

Hide behind a shelf so they can't see us maybe they will pass so we can sneak out I explained, Morgan nodded we sat behind a shelf. So I found some blankets when you where looking for shoes Morgan told me she pulled out two bags that where stuffed with blankets.

That's awesome I looked at them I saw a fuzzy purple one ooh dips I whispered and pointed to the blanket.

Of course you would want that she snorted. So how long do you think we are going to be here?

I peeked around the corner the walkers where just roaming around.

I honestly don't know but Daryl knows where we are and Rick knows were on a run so maybe they will come looking for us. Well they better hurry we don't have any food or water she mumbled. So you thought I pulled out a bottle of water along with some crackers out of my bags side pocket, it's not much so we will have to limit it.

Morgan started to frantically check her backpack I looked at her like she was crazy until she finally spoke up I forgot my gun at the prison. Well aren't you smart I stated sarcastically. I got on my knees and started crawling towards the back, where are you going? Morgan whispered. To make sure there's nothing in the back I answered her.

I got to the back and opened the door but a alarm went off crap crap crap!!

Morgan came running what did you do!? she yelled I don't know but help me turn it off! We ran frantically trying to find a way to turn it off, I noticed a power switch on a wall so I ran to it and flipped it off luckily the alarm shut off.

I sighed now the walkers are going to know where we are I looked out the door they where groaning and reaching through the chains. I hope that will hold them I thought out loud. I went to grab my backpack I put it on then my katana. I pulled my Hunting knife out of my boot ready to stab some walkers, here's the plan we kill as many walkers as we can through the chains okay? I told Morgan.

We killed quite a bit but it's like they are multiplying I groaned sitting down on a chair that was in the store

I hope Daryl will come looking for us soon.

Daryl's POV

I was taking watch waiting for Arabell and Morgan to come back it's been probably 4hours why aren't they back yet. They are probably just searching for something other than clothes I reassured my self. If they aren't back in bit Im to going to go look for them I don't care what Rick says I'm going soon. I just hope Arabell is okay not that I care though....or do I?


Hope you liked the chapter! So about the chain things you know how in a mall when they close the stores they have that chain thing so no one can get in that's what I'm talking about when I say chains I just don't know what else to call them lol sorry for any confusion :) sorry for any misspelled words.

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