Chapter 19

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I woke up before anyone else I pulled my messy hair in a high ponytail and left the room I went to the kitchen an grabbed peanut butter with crackers I was sitting wondering where to look next for Morgan and them.

Ya ready to go? I jumped at Daryl's voice I looked up yeah let me grab my stuff I smiled at him. I ran to the room and put my katana and my back pack on along with my gun holster and knife. Daryl and Lilly were waiting on me by the door, we left and started walking.

I was walking into the forest I doubt they would be here but its worth a shot I suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a scream. Me and Daryl turned around I was horrified at the sight of Lilly being torn apart by 4 walkers. NOOO! I started to run to her but Daryl grabbed me by the waist shhh we have to leave there to many comin.

NO I HAVE TO HELP HER! I started crying Daryl took my hand and started dragging me away from the awful scene we ran for awhile until we thought we were far enough away.

I was still crying quietly I can't believe that happened I should of been more carful how did we not hear them they are usually pretty loud.

Don't beat yourself up about it ya couldn't of done anything even if ye did kill em.

I know I sniffed then wiped my eyes and face lets continue looking for Rick okay? i asked not wanting to talk about it anymore. I had my knife in hand just in case any other walkers decided to sneak up on us. Hey there's a clearing up ahead I think I see some tents.

Daryl grabbed my hand and dragged me towards it we hid behind a bush and watched there was blood everywhere and people were crying while another was digging a hole in the ground I then noticed Morgan crying into Carl's chest. Daryl it's our group! I ran up to them startling them but once they saw it was me you could see relief on their faces. I tackled Morgan in a hug I can't believe we found you where's Kaylum?! I rushed

She looked at me with sad eyes she was speechless before she managed to say
Im so sorry Arabell

No.....No he's not gone! he can't be!! how did this happen?! I sobbed she was quiet

I felt my anger boiling "Answer me Morgan!"

She flinched from my outburst "Well I was taking watch and I-I left my post for a few minutes...when I came back there were two walkers, I-I guess he came looking for me but they got to him before i could kill them I' so sorry" she sobbed.

I looked at her in disbelief 


I went to lunge at her but I was caught by Daryl's arms he turned me around pulling me close to him. I buried my face in his chest I was sobbing uncontrollably my breathing was erratic I felt like I was going to hyper ventilate I had that problem when I got really upset. Daryl kept whispering soothing words to calm me down.

I was getting to worked up I couldn't breath normal, all I could do was take huge breaths, it was making me feel like I couldn't breath. Arabell calm down your gonna pass out Daryl cooed. I *deep breath* can't calm *deep breath* down, I felt light head suddenly.

Arie focus on me calm down slow ya breathing just focus on me ya gonna be fine. I eventually calmed down, I was still crying slightly I would be for awhile most likely.

Arabell? Morgan asked quietly.

What?! I spat at her

I know this is a bad time but I think I'm pregnant she said barely above a whisper. I rolled my eyes of course you do I walked away back into the woods Daryl was following close behind me.

Arie she's only 15 she's still a kid you can't expect her to be mature don't be so hard on her she's already upset enough and she's probably scared to death that she may be pregnant and she needs you to help her through it your all she has left she looks up to you.

I listened to his words carefully, he is right but that doesn't change the fact that I'm mad at her, Kaylum was like my own child but either way you can't change the fait of someone's life.

I nodded and looked up at Daryl okay

Now try not to kill somebody when we get back he smiled and grabbed my hand come on let's go get settled and find out the plan.

Carl met us at the clearing and pulled me aside. Arabell I know your mad at Morgan but you have to think shes pregnant, I don't want her to loose our baby from stress so please just try to be nice.

Wait wait back up did you just say our baby as in your the dad of Morgans baby?! I yelled He nodded

I looked up at Daryl he gave me a warning look I took in a deep breath and tried not to rip anyone's head off

Okay I'll try my best I smiled. Thank you and with that he ran back to everybody

Daryl this is to much for me in one day first Lilly then Kaylum and Now Morgan is pregnant with Carl's baby I think I'm gonna throw up I whined.

Just as I finished that sentence I started to gag Daryl pulled my hair back while I emptied the contents of my stomach once I was finished I wiped my mouth in disgust.

I need to lay down, Okay I'll see if Rick has a extra tent Daryl went to find Rick he shortly came back and started to set up the tent a little ways away from everybody else. I smiled when I noticed he had my fuzzy purple blanket along with my pillow from the prison. He also had his stuff, he set up everything then laid down I soon followed.

I sighed happily when Daryl pulled me as close as our bodies would allow I rested my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. Go to sleep Arie I'll be here when you wake up his thick southern accent spoke

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