Chapter 10

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So I just look through through this scope and aim a little below the the target I asked yeah it's gonna have some kick so be ready for it Daryl explained I nodded I have been practicing shooting all morning I just learned to shoot a pistol and now I'm shooting a sniper rifle. I aimed at the make shift target and pulled the trigger the gun jerked back and hit my shoulder I groaned and rubbed it trying to sooth the pain.

Ya almost got it I looked at the target noticing I almost hit the circle, yes! I jumped happily then heard another shot then Daryl cussing. Shit don't point that thing at people women! he yelled I looked over then noticed a hole by his foot I'm so sorry Daryl I laughed.

I know I shouldn't be laughing but I found it amusing. Thats enough for today Daryl grumbled probably annoyed that I thought it was funny that I almost shot his foot. He took the gun away from me then started walking back to the prison I ran up besides him and intertwined our hands.

We where walking back to the prison our hands swinging back and fourth between us we weren't talking just enjoying each others presence. When we made it back to the prison Daryl let go of my hand I frowned a little I wish he would hold my hand all the time and hug me with people around but I respect it he's not ready for it.

We walked inside to the gates but nobody was there Thats weird we continued to walk into the prison when we entered the cell block we heard voices in the hall but they weren't anybody we knew. I was ready to take my katana out of my sheath just in case I slowly walked forward. I looked at Daryl he motioned me to follow, we walked around the corner and saw 6 guys talking.

They left before we could get them we barely missed them one was telling another guy. I suddenly felt the urge to sneeze I scrunched up my face trying to fight it Daryl noticed and pinched my nose together. He then motioned me to follow him again I didn't have to sneeze anymore but when I turned around I tripped over a can it made a loud clanking noise I mentally cursed why am I so clumsy.

You guys hear that somebody's still here! If its a girl I got dibs one yelled I heard foot steps coming towards us, Daryl grabbed my hand and dragged me outside as we where running I looked back they where a little ways behind us but one of them pointed a gun at us, Daryl they have guns! I heard a shot a bullet barely missed my foot I screamed and jumped. Come on where almost outta here Daryl yelled.

We finally made it through the fence and into the woods they where far behind us because some Walkers stopped them I never thought I would be grateful for walkers to show up. Here climb up this tree don't move till I tell ya got it? Daryl rushed I nodded, He gave me a boost so I could get to the first limb I climbed high enough where the leaf covered branches hid me.

Daryl ran off somewhere probably trying to make more footprints so if they can track they won't know that I'm up here. Where did they go I just saw them a guy yelled he was probably 50 he had a beard and whitish hair, I stayed quite trying to slow my breathing I was out of breath not to mention terrified who knows what these guys would do if they found me I shuttered at the thought.

I looked down trying to get a better look when my foot slipped I squealed when I fell down. A branch scrapped my arms and I hit my head a few times before I landed on the ground with a thud in front of someone I looked up slowly I saw the guy with the beard smirking down at me I cringed at his yellow teeth.

I tried getting up to run but they caught my arm I screamed for Daryl hoping he would find me.

No use Sweetheart there's nobody here to save you. Thats what you think I grabbed my Katana out of its sheath and swung it really fast hitting one of his side kicks in the face leaving a huge gash he screamed grabbing his face

I then kicked beardy in the nuts when he let go of me I took off running I looked down at Daryl's foot prints trying to track him like he taught me too but I forgot, everything was happing so fast. I just ran for my life I heard foot steps behind me I turned my head to see who was following me it was a guy with blonde hair he looked pissed.

I turned around only to collided with something I heard groaning meaning it was a walker I swung my Katana and chopped his head off I was about to take off running again when I felt a gun to my head I froze afraid if I moved he would pull the trigger.

Where you think your going I jumped at the sound of is voice but regretted it when he pushed the gun harder against my temple. Why don't you come back with us pretty lady the man said, I was terrified I couldn't move I was helpless.

Let her go I heard a southern accent speak, I smiled when Daryl came out behind a tree. Are ya def?! I said let her go! or what the guy spat back

I'll do this I suddenly felt a whoosh of air, the guy let go of me I turned to look at the now dead body Daryl had shot him in the head with a arrow. I ran to Daryl he pulled me in a hug, I started crying in his chest. Shhh it's okay ya safe now I won't let anything happen to ya Daryl spoke softly.


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