Chapter 2

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I woke up to the sound of groaning stupid walkers, I got up popping my back it popped slightly from sleeping on the floor, I put on my gray combat boots and put my hair in a side braid ugh I need to find some shampoo so I can wash my hair.

Aye get up I whispered/yelled.

I put my backpack on and put my hunting knife in my boot and grabbed my katana. okay how many walkers are out there? I asked about 6 but two of them are near the tree line the other two are near the house so we each can take out the two closet to each other first, we can use the ladder this time.

I went down first and ran up behind a walker cutting its head with my katana I went to kill the next one but I heard a scream I turned around real quick Morgan was on the ground trying to keep a walker away from her face. Shit! I grabbed my hunting knife and threw it I hit the walker right in the head.

I killed the two walkers that were coming at me then went to check on Morgan. Hey are you alright? I asked while checking for any bites or scratches. yeah I'm fine lets just not talk about it okay? okay sure I killed the last Zombie and started walking to the road.

We where walking when I heard a bunch of growls and moans I looked behind me to see a huge herd coming at us we just can't catch a break. Morgan run! I yelled we took off running the herd must of smelt us because they started to pick up speed.

Arabell there's a mall we can hide in a store! Morgan yelled we ran into a random store, we barricaded the entrance with shelfs. I turned around to make sure the room is clear it seemed safe but that doesn't mean nothen I'm gonna go this way you check that way I said pointing to the left of the store. Morgan nodded while walking off. I realized we where in a clothing store this is perfect I started to get some shirts and jeans for us.

I was stuffing the clothes in my bag when i heard walking I wasn't sure where it was coming from so I crouched down with my katana ready to kill a walker when I heard a voice behind me. Put down ya sword I heard a guy say I turned around quickly but was met with a crossbow in my face.

Are ya deaf women I said put ya sword down! I dropped it quickly. who are ya? Arabell I answered you have a group with ya he asked with his southern accent no just me I was chased in here by a herd I don't want any trouble. I couldn't tell him Morgan was with me what if they tried something on us I can't let her go through that.

Daryl dude what the heck? I turned to see a Korean guy standing behind me. what just making sure she wasn't a threat. So is she? the Korean guy asked no she seems fine. okay I'm Glenn, I see you met Daryl already he laughed. Yeah I sure have I said still intimidated by Daryl.

Hey ya said ya where alone right? Uh I stuttered So ya already lying to us huh?! he yelled I stepped back i realized I looked weak I need to stop being a whimp. So what if I did what are you going to do about it?! He looked fed up he walked towards me but backed off some I would shut ya mouth if I was ya! I smirked

You ain't gonna do shit! I yelled

okay okay guys calm down your going to attract more walkers Glenn stood between us he turned to me we aren't here to hurt you we want to help we can take you back to the group but if your with someone we need to know.

I trusted this guy so I whistled Morgan showed up a couple minutes later. She had her gun in hand who are you guys? put your weapon down then we'll talk Daryl spat Morgan looked at me, I nodded she set it down. Im Glenn that's Daryl we aren't going to hurt you if you guys want we will take you back to our group since you guys are alone im assuming I nodded we can see if our leader will let you join the group Glenn said.

I was going to say no but before I could Morgan already said yes I looked at her wide eyed and pulled her aside. Are you crazy we don't know them what if they are lying?! I whispered/yelled. I think we should trust them we have been on our own for so long I think it would be nice to be around people again she explained.

Fine but if I get suspicious where leaving, Hey guys the herd is gone come on we will give you a ride to the prison. Wait they have a car..We nodded following them out of the store.

So I grabbed us some new cloths before I was rudely interrupted by Daryl.

I guess I said that to loud cause I heard Daryl scoff at my comment.

We drove for 30minutes before I saw a prison it was huge, some people opened the gate for the car and let us in. We got out of the car everybody was looking at us it was akward.

Follow me I heard Daryl say, we followed him into a cell block, he locked us in this room stay here I'm going to find Rick. So I guess Rick is there leader.. I wish I had my katana they took our weapons for precaution which I understand but I don't like the idea of being unarmed.

They even took my hunting knife so I have nothing except my backpack but they searched that as well.

Do you think they will let us stay? I heard Morgan whisper. I don't know maybe bu- I was interrupted by the door opening. So your not part of any other group I heard Im guessing Rick ask.

No it's just us, he nodded how many walkers have you killed? Two many to count I stated how many have you killed Two many sir Morgan answered. How many people have you killed, um just one I answered I don't like to talk about it.

What about you he asked Morgan, just two sir. Why did you kill them? They where bit. Okay, you are gonna have to pull your weight around here don't make me regret letting you stay. Daryl you and Glenn are going to watch them till we know we can trust them got it?

I ain't no babysitter Rick Daryl grumbled angrily I don't care you brought them here their your problem.

This ain't fair man! I don't want to deal with them! Look I'm the leader you do as I say this isn't a democracy! Rick yelled

Daryl was about to leave when I called him. Hey Daryl uh where are we gonna sleep? There are cells through the gate over there just pick a empty one he waved me off. Dick I muttered

Come on let's go Morgan we climbed the stairs to pick a cell we chose the one closest to the stairs. I call top bunk I said Dangit I laughed and put my bag down I grabbed our canned food and walked down stairs. I spotted a lady with short grey hair Umm ma'am I have some canned food, I was wondering If you guys wanted to add it to inventory.

Oh yes my name is Carol by the way just put with the rest over there she said while smiling Maybe this place won't be so bad after all.


Second chapter woo sorry for any spelling errors didn't have time to check. hope you liked it :)

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