Chapter 37

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I stabbed the last walker then turned around Daryl was walking up to me, are ya alright? he asked me I nodded

Yeah I'm fine

Six zombies just snuck up on us they literally came out of no where, How far is this grocery store anyway? About a mile he nodded and grabbed my hand I smiled I was mentally taking note of what we need to get, buckets so we can make a shower system, soap, any canned food or something not perishable.

Morgan has been wanting cookies she said she didnt care if they was stale but we better get some or she will personally rip our heads off, she's very moody at the moment and also maybe I could find some coloring books or something so the younger kids have something to do

I spotted the building there it is I pointed Daryl walked over to it and tapped the glass we waited then nothing came we were about to walk in when we where stopped by a voice well well well look who we have here my eyes widened I turned around really quick I was met with the governors face and two people that work for him. Put the weapons down and I probably won't hurt you he smirked making me cringe it was probably one of the most evil look I seen on him.

I haven't even noticed I pulled my katana out of its sheath until he said that I looked over at Daryl with panic in my eyes. Daryl motioned his head slightly to run I was scared, scared that the governor would shoot me or Daryl if I tried, I'll give you five seconds to obey my command or your both dead he spoke

I finally did as Daryl told and took off running in the building, I heard a someone scream go look for the bitch then I heard Daryl yell but i couldn't make it out it was muffled I ran and hid under a bed they had on display.

I hope Daryl's okay, I then heard someone kicking stuff I jumped slightly and tried to contain my rapid breathing.

You can't hide for ever Angel the governors voice spoke. my hand flew over my mouth to try to hide my sobs.

If he's here where is Daryl? is he dead did he run away? will he come back? all these questions are swarming my head making me dizzy. I saw someones feet I froze in my spot it was like I couldn't be quite no matter what I did my breathing picked up when he stood right in front of the bed.

I'll give you 3 seconds to come out of your hiding place 1.....2.......3 I waited for what was going to happen next but what surprised me was he walked away I sighed in relief but I knew I wasn't safe yet that they wouldn't leave till they found me.

Suddenly I was pulled out from under the bed I screamed and tried to kick free from their grip but he was to strong

Should of listened to me Angel was the last thing I heard before blacking out.

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