Chapter 34

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We stopped for a short break my butt was numb from sitting on Daryl's bike for so long it's like 7pm we want to travel as long as possible because its freezing and we don't want anyone to get sick again especially Morgan and Judith. Oh yeah speaking of Morgan her baby's not dead it started kicking the other day it was a huge relief on all of us.

Rick and Daryl were huddled around the map trying to decide how much farther we had till we got there. I on the other hand was holding Judith, Beth was asleep in the car so I was in charge of her. I was making faces at her making her giggle, I loved baby's they are so happy all the time.

Your really good with kids Carl's voice startled me, yeah I always wanted a child but now I don't know if I'd want it to grow up in a world were the only thing that matters is surviving. Carl nodded understanding It was quite till he spoke up again.

You know I thought the same thing for awhile but then when I figured out Morgan was pregnant I was so excited that I didn't care if the only thing you need to know is how to kill Walkers the only thing I thought about was having a family with the person I love.

I took in his words carefully thinking how someone so young could be so wise, it shouldn't be this way kids his age should only be worried about playing video games and passing school not if your going to survive to see tomorrow or when your next meal will be. Guys we are making camp here for the night we will leave as soon as possible we are about 2 hours away.

Glenn and Maggie will take first watch everyone else set up camp we aren't going to make any fires our supplies is limited since we couldn't grab all of it he finished.

Daryl walked over to me with a tent in hand I'm gonna set up over there bring our blankets and pillows he mumbled

I did as I was told I grabbed our blankets and pillows and backpacks it was so cold right now I was shivering even though I was wearing a sweater and coat and gloves I walked to where Daryl was. our tent was already set up but Daryl wasn't in there.

I put our blankets and pillows down I sighed and laid down covering up. Daryl came back shortly after he didn't say a word just laid down and turned away from me I was confused was he mad at me I hope not. I poked his shoulder Daryl? He ignored me I poked him again Psst Daryl I tried again it worked because he finally spoke.

What do ya want Arie?! he yelled slightly I was taken back by his mood

I scoffed what the heck is your problem?! I snapped right back I'm in no mood for his attitude. He turned to face me, I don't have a problem so why don't ya just lay down and go to sleep!

I rolled my eyes but laid down I scooted as far away as possible from him if he's going to be a dick then I'm not going to be near him I know childish. I was shivering I curled up in a ball trying to warm myself but nothing was working I sighed

Daryl must of noticed because he rolled over to me and pulled me as close as our body's would allow I was going to argue but he was so warm I decided to be the bigger person and drop it. Arie I'm sorry I snapped on ya it's just Rick was trying to make us travel through out the night and I got mad at him and I guess I took it out on ya he explained

It's okay but just because your mad at someone else doesn't mean you have to take it out on me, I have feelings to Daryl and when you yell at me for no damn reason I feel hurt.

Daryl kissed my neck lightly letting his lips linger I smiled at his action I'm sorry I'll try to stop he whispered making me smile I love you Daryl

I love you Arie

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