Chapter 50

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It's been two months since the baby was born he's doing okay, Hollee is getting along with everyone well kinda I still don't trust her and Daryl has been really distant lately I don't know why

I try talking to him but he just walks away I mean he won't even get close to me when we are sleeping.

What are you thinking about? Maggie asked I was on watch with her. Nothing I trailed off she gave me a look I know your lying, you can tell me she smiled

I sighed Daryl has been really distant lately and I don't know why, he will hardly even talk to me I don't know what I did. She nodded Daryl's weird like that he used to be like that all the time till you came along just give him some time. I sighed we don't have all the time in the world.

I noticed a walker stumbling towards us I got it I walked up to it cutting its head off with my katana. Hey it's time to switch you guys can rest Glenn said I nodded and walked back to camp I spotted Daryl working on his bike.

Hey I whispered he looked up and nodded in response. I rolled my eyes so ya need any help? No he bluntly stated

Fine I went up to our chairs well stumps and sat down I put my head in my hands what could I have done. I thought about the past month we only got into a few arguments nothing major, ugh guys are so confusing

Hey Arabell I looked up it was Beth

Sup need something? I asked No you just looked kinda down I nodded I am Daryl won't talk to me I don't know what I did but I don't really want to talk about it. she nodded then left

~skip to night~

I was laying in bed I wasn't tired but neither me or Daryl had shifts today so we both get a full nights sleep hopefully. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the bed sank beside me I looked over Daryl was looking at the ceiling with a blank look.

I sighed then turned around so I wasn't facing him if he doesn't want to talk I'm not going to push it. Arie? hmm? Sorry I've been a dick lately I just....when ever I see you hold Keaton your eyes just light up. I know you love kids and you miss Kaylum but it just makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job he explained

What do ya mean good job? I questioned I mean I don't feel like I'm doing a good job at keeping ya happy I feel like I could do so much more for ya.

I turned around so I was facing him. Daryl you make me the happiest person on this earth when I'm with ya I forget about the world, sometimes yeah I want a kid but I don't want to rush things and I know ya don't either but I respect that...just don't think ya not good enough cause without ya I would probably be dead in all honesty.

Is that why ya been ignoring me? he nodded some

I smiled ya know ya can talk to me about anything ya don't have to hold it in

Okay I'll remember that Daryl pulled me into his side I rested my head on his chest I sighed contently focusing on the only light that was in the room which was a flickering candle that made shadows on the wall I don't know why but that has always calmed me.

~next morning~

So apparently Carl has heard us before he told me I was to loud I sighed this caused Daryl to laugh well ya are I blushed no I'm not. We just got back to camp with Morgans stuff for the baby and also Judith it was cloudy out its probably going to rain. I grabbed Daryl's hand I walked into Morgan and Carl's room I smiled

Morgan was asleep but Carl was holding Keaton I smiled I got him clothes, food, blankets, and diapers I smiled setting the bags down. Can I hold him? I questioned he nodded

He handed him to me I smiled he was so peaceful he had brown hair and brown eyes. I rocked him slightly when he started to stir.

Ya want to hold him Daryl? He shook his head no

awe come on he's so cute I whined handing Keaton to him anyway

He smiled some but quickly hid it, I smiled at Carl who noticed it also

I got two little ass kickers know Daryl said more to himself than to us.

Here he handed Keaton back to Carl we'll let you guys have family time. I said bye then walked outside with Daryl Hey Arabell! I heard Ricks voice then he showed up besides me Yeah?

You and Hollee are going to take watch on the bus's today be there in 5

I groaned but agreed Daryl laughed ya really need to get along with her she's part of the group they have proved their stay. I know I know no need to lecture mea I walked slowly to my post I climbed the ladder. Hey Sasha, Tyreese. Me and Hollee will take watch now I smiled

Okay thanks they hopped down and it was just me and Hollee. It was quite for along time I was just messing with my pistol.

You still hate me huh? Hollee whispered I looked up and answered Kinda

She sighed I really am sorry for leaving you I really thought you were dead. That's in the past lets not think of it ya can't change it what's done is done. So your not mad about that anymore?

No I'm not mad about that but I still don't trust ya fully she nodded Thats understandable since I did try to kill you. I've been wanting to ask ya this since you and Jake found each other ya not angry anymore ya normal why? ya used to be rude and violent. This caused her to sigh I wasn't handling his death very well our camp got over run

I was almost positive he got bit he told me to run while he covered me so I did but he never met up with me, I was alone for along time thinking it was my fault he died I should of stayed and helped him but I didn't. I was so angry I didn't care about anyone I just wanted to kill anything that got in my way it was like I was a different person but when I saw him standing in front of me it just vanished he was okay, alive he didn't die because of me

I nodded it all makes since I was right In the first place she was just a messed up girl that didn't know what to do. Im sorry I spoke

For what? Punching ya, tackling ya may I go on I trailed off she smiled its fine so are we good?


that's better than nothing she laughed I sighed this is going to be a long shift.


So when the season five starts playing I may use some ideas from the show like when they go to Washington but I'll make it different like they won't leave from terminus and stuff idk why I told you guys lol just thought you should know

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