Chapter 54

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I was helping Abraham with the bus he was working on well I was just handing him tools when he needed them. So you and your boyfriend gonna come with us to Washington if Rick doesn't? cause we could use you guys, you are very talented he said

I sighed he has been talking about this since I got out here which has been about a hour maybe Im not for sure. I don't know Daryl will want to stay with Rick we don't want to get separated again ya know? He said

Hand me that wrench, I grabbed it handing it to him

Well if you change your mind tell me okay... Okay, hey take a walk with me? I looked up it was Morgan I nodded okay sorry Abraham he grunted needed a break anyway. I got up following Morgan, so about when I blew up on you I'm sorry I don't know why I did I've just been having these weird mood swings she said its fine just little thrown off guard ya know

So how are you and Carl? great she sighed Arabell I miss the days when we didn't have to worry about this stuff like when we will eat again or if we'll die tomorrow I miss the days when we could just take walks without having a gun or knife with us. I just want to live a normal life, I want Keaton to live a normal life.

Morgan I get it, I think about that to but realize this, if none of this would have happened you never would of met Carl or anyone in the group you wouldn't have Keaton everything happens for a reason good and bad.

Your right Thanks Arabell She left walking away, I continued walking until I spotted a stream I sat down next to it just watching the water run by. What are ya doen out here alone? I jumped at Daryl's voice just thinking I smiled he sat down next to me. Follow me he smiled while grabbing my hand, where are we going? you'll see.

We walked for about 20 minutes until we stopped at a meadow it was beautiful there was pink and purple flowers everywhere I even saw a butterfly. Arie I've been thinking about this for awhile know but ya know I've never been good with these kinda things I turned to him confused but when I saw him pull a ring from his pocket my eyes got watery.

Uh will ya marry me? I nodded yes he put the ring on my finger it was a little loose but not enough that it'd fall off I hugged him tightly then kissed him he pulled me closer to him deepening the kiss he pulled away and smirked I love ya so much Arabell Dixon I smiled I love you more Daryl Dixon

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