Chapter 20

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Arie! Arie! ARIE WAKE UP! My eyes flew open, I was panting my eyes met with Daryl's. You where having a nightmare he whispered Thanks for waking me up I wiped my eyes before sitting up.

What time is it? I asked

Probably 4ish he answered me, okay let's go find out what the plan is because we can't stay here forever it's not safe. I unzipped the tent and walked out with Daryl following me.

What surprised me was when Daryl grabbed my hand I smiled up at him

We made it to Rick he was talking to Glenn,Maggie, Carl, Tyrees, (idk how to spell his name sorry) Sasha, Michonne And Carol. Hey Arabell how you feeling Rick asked. Im fine, so what's the plan we can't stay here forever ya know?

I know we can't were thinking maybe we can find a old abandon house or maybe even a hotel we just need something with enough rooms for all of us. I nodded and motioned for him to continue we are going to head East tomorrow I'll wake you guys when we are about to leave but until then.

Do you think you and Daryl can go on a run for Morgan he cautiously said

I kept quite Daryl spoke up for us, yeah what ye need us to get?

Well we need to make sure that she is actually pregnant before anyone kills someone around here he said while looking at me. I rolled my eyes but nodded I went back to me and Daryl's tent and grabbed my katana and backpack I still had my gun and knife on me I never take my holster off.

Daryl was waiting on me in a car I hoped in and he took off we drove for about 10minutes before we came across a old gas station. I got out of the car and walked to the door I hit it a couple times and waited. When nothing came I opened the door Daryl followed me, I'll get the tests you look for anything else useful I mumbled to him.

Okay call me if ya need anything

I searched the store until I found them I grabbed two and stuffed them in my bag I turned around and became face to face with a walker it groaned and reached for me I grabbed my katana

Just when it fell on me my katana was inside its mouth I used all my strength to push It through its skull.

I shoved the dead corpse off me and laid there for a bit, just wondering how I'm still here I'm so reckless and clumsy.

Hey are ya alright Arie? I heard Daryl's southern voice speak.

Yeah I'm fine I got up from the floor

Daryl smiled slightly an handed me his bandana, ya got blood on ye face he said when he noticed the confused look on my face. I wiped my face off and handed it back Lets get out of here I mumbled.

When we got back to camp I grabbed the tests out of my backpack I found Morgan I walked up to her and threw the tests at her then walked away before she could say anything to me. I was about to go find Daryl when Michonne motioned me over to sit by her, I sat down next to her in front of a fire she was cooking beans.

Yeah I asked? You shouldn't be treating Morgan like this yeah she made a mistake but you never know how long someone has these days and you know that If something was to happen to her you would hate yourself for treating her like shit so you need to quit having a little pitty party and forgive her.

I was silent she was right yeah she made a mistake, but everything happens for a reason right? Okay thanks Michonne, She just nodded

I sighed well here goes nothing.

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