Chapter 45

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It's been almost two months since Jake showed up he's been really helpful, he goes on runs takes watch and he doesn't argue about it he's really polite I figured out he's 16 and he had a girlfriend but he doesn't like to talk about it.

I was currently hanging up clothes to dry, yes it is still cold out its probably January know but it has to be done. Look who we found, I turned around it was Michonne and Glenn but they had a very weak looking Hollee with them. She wasn't fighting back surprisingly what do we do with her know she obviously knows where our camp is and we can't kill her Glenn muttered

Go get Rick Michonne said

I nodded and started jogging towards his post by the entrance we have our camp blocked off at the front with a couple bus's and the back with barbwire. Hey Rick Hollee found her way back we don't know what to do with her I yelled since he was on top of one of the bus's. She what? he jumped off following me to the back

How did you find your way back?! Rick spat angrily I hope she doesn't rat on me. Answer my question, she looked up at me then to him I followed the road west your stupid people dropped me off near my old camp so I knew my way around she spat right back at him making him mad.

Shit what's she doen here Daryl voice made me smile some, she found her way back. All I know is it to kill her

No! you can't do that I argued its my group I make the decisions. I don't care if its your group it's not far! I yelled right back.


don't Arie me Daryl ya not in this conversation I spat. Well maybe I don't like ya tone so that makes me in the conversation he yelled

Before you knew it we where all yelling at each other. HEY!!! A voice interrupted us we all turned to it, it was Jakes, why are you guys yelling at each other I can hear it from the front your going to attract walkers.

We have a issue with someone who caused problems in our group, Jake stepped a little to the left so he could see who we were talking about but when he did his eyes widened

While Hollee gasped

Hollee? is that you? Jake whispered he looked like he was going to cry, she nodded her head Jake ran up to her hugging her tightly, Michonne let go confused just like we were.

I thought you died Hollee sobbed that's probably the weakest I've ever seen her. I thought you did too, they pulled away slowly just staring at each other like they didn't believe it was true.

Jake turned to us what did she do to make her a threat? he was slow and carful with his words. Well one she tried to kill me I spat still mad about that, Jake turned to her then back to us please give her another chance she'll be my responsibility just please I beg you don't kill her. I looked at Rick then to Daryl meeting? I asked they nodded

I don't know she's still a threat to this group just think Rick do you want to have a threat that could potentially hurt Judith or even Carl?! Maggie tried, I think that if Jake is here he can keep her under control, I talked to her awhile back when she was here last an she said she lost her group and was alone that can change someone especially if ya get separated from someone ya love. I say we give her one chance to prove her self? I questioned

I know she's no good for this group but I just want to think there is still some humanity in this group and not a bunch of people who will kill without thinking it through. Okay she gets one chance but one wrong move she's dead. I nodded agreeing with him.

We walked into Hollees room well where she's staying anyway, Jake was in there, when I walked In she was actually smiling and laughing some.

It quickly vanished when we walked in though. It was quite till Rick spoke, we'll let her stay but she has to be under strict rules she can't be without one of my group members, she isn't aloud to have a weapon till we can trust her, and if you try anything If you even look at one us funny your out of here.

Thank you so much Jake smiled what I don't understand is how someone as nice as him can be with a jerk like her.

We left the room Sasha was guarding it right know. She reminds me of Merle Daryl chuckled some. How so?

Well Merle was a dick he didn't care about anyone's feelings was rude.

I nodded I grabbed Daryl's hand wanna get out of here for a bit?

He looked at me heck yeah


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