Chapter 18

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I was walking with Daryl by my side when I spotted the familiar old building we made it I screamed while running towards the building.

I stopped when I got to our bags that were by the door still I grabbed them Lilly and Daryl met up with me and each took a bag i stuffed all the food in my backpack as did Daryl, Lilly just carried the bag she had since she didn't have a backpack.

Lets head back to the house it's not far maybe a hours walk I explained to them. They nodded I grabbed Daryl's hand and we started walking. So Lilly Daryl started, I'm going to ask you a couple questions and your going to answer them truthfully got it?

She nodded and Daryl continued

How many walkers have you killed?

Oh maybe 10 I never had to kill many because I was stuck in a room all the time she explained.

"How many people have you killed?"

Just one


Ihad to help Arabell escape and if I didn't they would of killed us first.

Okay you can stay with us till we find our group but after that its not up to me Daryl explained
I know Arabell already told me. It was silent the rest of the way back, we didn't run into any walkers luckily.

I started to recognize my surroundings as we got closer to our camp I finally spotted the familiar little house we call home. Nice place you got I turned to look at Lilly who was staring at the building in awe but I guess if you where stuck in a cramped room for awhile this would be considered nice.

We walked silently to the door Daryl opened it and let us go in first I thanked him and continued to walk to the kitchen. I set all the food and water we got in the pantry and threw away the bag, Arie! I heard Daryl's voice yell, what?! I yelled back at him

Come show Lilly her room. I groaned but walked to the living room follow me. I decided she could have the room with the twin sized bed since she's alone i showed her to her room she thanked me. well I'll let you get settled in I smiled.

As soon as I walked out of the room I was met with a pair of blue eyes. Daryl grabbed my wrist that wasn't cut and dragged me to the bathroom he lifted me up setting me on the counter he then pulled out some peroxide.

Now this is gonna sting a lil, I nodded and waited I suddenly felt it I hissed from the sudden pain and tried to pull away but Daryl was stronger than me.

He did the same to my cheek and head I sighed while looking in the mirror, I was going to have a hideous scar on my face when this heeled. I think Daryl noticed I was upset because he turned me around and kissed me it wasn't a rough kiss but a soft passionate one.

I smiled into it while kissing him back he pulled away slightly out of breath, ya know your beautiful no matter what? he questioned me seriously.

I just shook my head Daryl I'm not beautiful have you seen this I pointed to my right cheek. It only makes you prettier it shows you may have been through a lot but you made it and your strong. I smiled lightly thank you.

Lets get some rest we've had a long few days I nodded agreeing with him, I followed him to our bedroom I laid on the bed and covered up Daryl took off his shirt and pants leaving him just In his boxers. I blushed slightly and bit my lip he was hot. Don't look at me like that Arie Because I will take you right here right now he whispered huskily which made shivers crawl up my spine.

Daryl laid down besides me and pulled me as close as our bodies would allow but I didn't mind I rested my head against his chest and let his heart beat sooth me to sleep.

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