Chapter 53

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Me, Daryl, and Carol are taking watch by a tree I was beyond tired I can never get a good sleep I always have these awful nightmares.

Anyway Daryl wouldn't stop staring at Carol I was wondering why it kinda made me jealous until she spoke up

"I don't want to talk about it I just wanna forget it"

Alright Daryl mumbled suddenly there was a rustling we all stood up but Daryl's the only one that went to check it out.

It was nothing probably just a deer or somethin I nodded sitting back down my eyes were getting heavy I couldn't keep them open. I felt a nudge on my foot, I opened my eyes Daryl was looking at me why don't ya get some sleep we can handle it and don't try to argue

I nodded fine I walked past him he kissed my forehead love ya he whispered I smiled love ya too.

~next morning~

We are all ready to go when Daryl walked out from behind a tree with a bunch of squirrels I surrender he joked since everyone had there guns pointed at him. Okay let's head out guys Rick mumble we all started following him I sighed I'm so tired of walking I whined Daryl smirked

Stop ya whining ya ain't dying I frowned true but still. Arabell just shutup Morgan spat I looked at her like shocked. Um excuse me?

you heard me your so fucking annoying! I was shocked Ya have to be kidding me?! I saved ya child I helped ya through so much crap and ya gonna treat me like this for no freakin reason?! she was about to say something back but was interrupted

By someone yelling for help, everyone stopped, Dad we have to go! Carl yelled pulling at his dads arm it took a bit but we ended up following the screams, we came upon a guy on a rock a walker had ahold of his foot there was 4 walkers trying to eat him I ran up to one stabbing it with my knife while the others got the rest.

After we got all of them the guy came down he was shaking are you okay? Rick asked

the guy put up a finger then bent over throwing up I nearly threw up myself it was gross. You got any weapons on you? Rick asked

Does it look like I do? He tried to joke but then realized we were serious, No no I don't the guy we figured out name is Gabriel said

So do you guys have a camp? Gabriel asked Rick

No do you have a camp? Rick asked I got a church Gabriel spoke Rick starting asking him the usual questions I sorta zoned out thinking about why Morgan was yelling at me earlier. I felt a nudge on my shoulder it was Michonne we are following him to the church she said while walking away.

I was a little behind the group by myself while Daryl was by Carol it seems like ever since she came back he can't leave her side I just feel like a third wheel when I'm around them. I mean he never even acknowledges my presence. I know I sound needy but I'm not I just don't like the feeling of him leaving me.

We showed up at a church Gabriel was about to open the door but Rick stopped him no we are gonna take a look around first. He motioned for me, Glenn and Maggie to look around. I entered the church walking around the benches it looked clear I saw a door so went to look around in there, it was a hall there was drawings covering the walls. I walked out it looks clear. Rick told everyone to come on in

Everyone came in, okay so we are going to get supplies are there any places we could go? Rick asked I cleared out most of the stores but there was one place but I didn't go cause it's over run about a dozen of them Gabriel said We can handle that Me and Bob can go Sasha offered

he nodded okay Michonne you come to. Good I'll draw you guys a map Gabriel started to leave but Rick stopped him, your coming with us Rick started

but I'm no good with those things you've seen it Gabriel tried but Rick cut him off by saying your coming with us again Gabriel nodded

I sat by Carl when Rick walked over to us can I have a minute with him? he asked I nodded sure and left so Rick could talk to Carl.

Hey me and Carol are going to get water Daryl told me, oh well I can help if you want I offered No we got it plus i'd feel better if you stayed here to look after everyone else.

Daryl walked off with water jugs before I could say anything he didn't even say goodbye or kiss me like we usually do when one of us goes on a run without one another. I stood there kinda disappointed I sighed then walked past Glenn do you guys need any help with anything?

No but thanks. I just nodded I feel so useless I smiled at Tyreese who was holding Judith making her laugh I walked to him sitting by them you want to hold her? I nodded sure he handed her to me.

I smiled holding her close to me, are you okay? Tyreese asked I shrugged that doesn't answer my question Arabell I sighed not really Daryl has been kinda pushing me aside since Carol showed up I'm like a third wheel he wouldn't even let me go on a run with them it seems nobody needs my help I just feel that everybody is tired of me like they don't need me anymore.

Hey don't talk like that you are needed in this group people do want you here and about Daryl, Carol was like a mother figure to him they both went through the same things he just missed her and she missed him you have nothing to worry about Daryl is crazy about you like whenever you got hurt by the governor and was out for awhile he wouldn't leave your side.

I smiled some I guess your right thanks Tyreese he nodded Thats the thing I like about Ty he's always so positive


So I updated and remember I don't want this to be exactly like the show so if some things didn't happen the way it did in the show I meant for it to happen like I wrote it but thanks for reading

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