Chapter 38

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I woke up and tried to get up but winced when I felt a sharp pain in my side I moved slowly till I was sitting I lifted my shirt and saw a huge bruise no wonder it hurt. I stood up and took in my surroundings, I was in a room but not just any room it looked to be like some kind of asylum.

There was no windows and the door was solid metal I couldn't see out of it, the bed was very uncomfortable and smelled funny probably from not being cleaned. The first thing that ran through my mind was I need to find a weapon they took my gun, knife, and Katana of course. I spotted a old chair I grabbed It and slammed it on the ground making it break

I picked up the leg of it, when it broke it made a sharp edge like something you would kill a vampire with. I waited for someone to come I hid by the door so when they opened it they wouldn't see me so they would walk in then I would stab them in the neck and make a run for it. I don't know how far I would get though because without Daryl- Oh My Gosh Daryl!

Where is Daryl, I hope he's alright

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door unlocked, I crouched down, my height is finally good for something I thought to myself. What the? I jumped on the guys back and stabbed him he grabbed his neck In pain I grabbed a knife I saw sticking out of his pocket and killed him.

I ran out of the cell I looked left then right there was probably twenty cells total Daryl could be in any of them I need keys though. I went back and grabbed the keys from the guy and started opening random cells, empty,empty, empty, the last one I checked had a figure laying on a bed.

Daryl I whispered hoping it was him, I was right but when he turned around he was crying it broke my heart to see him like this. Arie? he jumped up and ran to me pulling me into a hug they told me they killed you, I thought I lost you he whimpered I hugged back its okay I'm here now I kissed his shoulder lightly to help comfort him.

We need to get out of here before The Governor- Finds you guys? I was interrupted by The one and only Governor I should of known to have someone stronger to guard you he spat

I just remembered I had a knife with me tucked in the back of my pants I slid it out ready to kill him.

I was about to charge when two big guys came around the corner taking hold of my arm making me drop the knife. Oh were you going to try and kill me? to bad I thought we were just becoming friends the governor said sarcastically

Tie em up, gag em and put them in the truck we got business to do. The men did as they were told

they started walking us to a truck

I know what's going to happen next they know where our group is they have probably been following us and we didn't know they are going to use us for ransom but as soon as they get what they want their going to kill us anyway, just like he did my parents.

Yeah you heard right he killed them and left them to turn and when they did I couldn't put them down Morgan had to, I thought I got away from the governor but he's like a flea once they show up its hard to kill them.

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