Chapter 13

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Arabells POV

I was walking behind Daryl we were trying to find a gas station or a store anything that has supplies we haven't ran into any walkers yet and I'm glad I'm sick of those stupid things.

Hey Arie I see a grocery store up ahead come on. I looked up and followed him, I wasn't in the best mood I can't stop thinking what if something happened to Morgan and Kaylum or our group what if we never find them. Hey are ya alright? I heard Daryl ask I looked up at him, does it look like I'm alright?! I spat and walked into the store.

I went to the canned foods and started stuffing things in my bag. I heard a groan and I grabbed my katana I swung it around fast and sliced a walkers head in half another one came and I stabbed it then another came then another then another.

I stabbed everyone of them there was probably 10 bodies laying on the ground I felt a little better, I walked to find some water when I ran into someone I looked up it was Daryl, he was looking behind me, did ya kill all of those? I nodded and walked past him.

He followed why are ya mad at me I did nothing to ya! he spat I know you did nothing to me but I'm scared I'm upset and don't want to talk about it and you keep on pushing and pushing and I'm about to snap why can't you just take a fucking hint?! I screamed at him. I know I shouldn't be yelling at him but I'm just so pissed.

Well sorry for caring for ya I'm just trying to help and if you would stop acting like a little bitch again maybe I could but your just to fucking stubborn to let anybody help ya! he screamed at me. He called me a bitch again I thought he was done calling me names by now.

Again with calling me a bitch is that all I am to you just some stupid bitch that your stuck with because trust me you are no better than me your just as stubborn and you just can't let shit go Daryl! I screamed

I pushed past him and ran away out of the store and down the street I looked behind me and Daryl wasn't even following me. I guess I was right I am just some stupid bitch he got stuck with.

I turned into the woods I don't want Daryl to find me I just want to be alone I doubt he will even look for me. I sighed and kept walking. I felt like someone was following me or something so I grabbed my hunting knife out of my boot just in case.

I heard a crunch of leaves I turned around real quick I didn't see anything I continued to walk backwards, when suddenly arms where wrapped around my waist and covered my mouth I turned around real quick an saw the governor. I screamed and tried stabbing him but he jerked the knife away from me. I suddenly felt pressure on my shoulder and I fell unconscious.

Why did I have to be stupid and leave Daryl.

I woke up and I was tied to a chair, I looked around frantically I was in a room with no windows and a door, I spotted my weapons across the room near the door. I tried getting my hands out of the knot but the rope hurt when it rubbed against my arms I tried getting my feet free but it was no use.

How am I going to get out of this I heard the door opening I looked up it was the governor, well well look who's awake he grinned evilly.

What do you want from me! I screamed, Well you see I want revenge on one of your friends and your the way to do it, you see I want the prison and if I have you as a hostage then Rick will have to give us the prison.

I scoffed the prison was over run dip shit, Oh really well I guess I'm going to have to kill you and your friends anyway he grabbed my knife and walked over to me, my heart started to race what was he going to do he grabbed my head so i couldn't squirm and slid the knife across my cheek. I screamed in agony he pushed the knife in my skin further leaving a gash please stop i pleaded he pulled it away and threw my knife back by my katana and with that he walked away.

My face was burning and stinging like mad, I have to get out of here I looked at the chair I was sitting in, it wasn't bolted to the ground or anything, so I tried to scoot towards the door.

If I could just get my knife I can cut through these ropes, I scooted and it didn't move. I jumped and it moved some I jumped and scooted till I was there, I hope I wasn't that loud I tried reaching for my knife but the chair fell backwards and I hit my head. Shit! I felt dizzy but I didn't give up, I turned the chair over so my back was facing the door I felt around for my knife until I found it.

I started to try to cut through the thick rope and I cut myself on accident i cussed but kept cutting until I finally got my wrists undone. Yes! I grabbed the knife and started to cut the ropes around my ankles. I finally got them undone and stood up I was bleeding from my head and wrist badly.

I sighed I need to stop the bleeding, I looked at my shirt I groaned and tore the bottom of it with my knife. My shirt probably came just below my belly button. I felt my head it didn't seem to bad but I wrapped a bandana that I have in back pack around my head then I wrapped my wrist.

I pulled my back pack on and noticed he took all the food and water and my gun. Shit Daryl gave me that gun it's the only one I have. I pulled my katana around my back and this time I put my knife in the side of my jeans so I can grab it easily, hopefully I won't get cut.

I opened the door and peeked out there was two guards standing a little in front of the door, I looked down the hall if I'm really quite I can get past them, Well here goes nothing.


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