Chapter 9

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I did a time jump because I felt like it lol


Its been almost a month since Daryl and I made it official it's been going good he's still not liking showing affection in front of people but I can deal with that for know. Kaylum had taken a liking to Daryl it's funny seeing Daryl talk to him because he always seems so grumpy like he doesn't like anyone.

Currently I'm taking watch with Daryl we were talking when I heard a gun shot go off followed by another then someone started shooting at us I spotted who I guess was the governor with his people emerging from the woods.

Every body started coming out of the prison hearing the gun shots they instantly started shooting.

I saw a couple people in the tree lines I told Daryl and he shot at them, I still didn't know how to shoot a gun so I didn't even try, no use in wasting amo. When we thought they retreated a car broke through the fence, they opened the back of the truck releasing walkers they started to walk around everywhere.

I was so caught up with the scene in front of me I wasn't taking cover then suddenly I felt a shooting pain go up my leg I looked down it was bleeding, someone shot me I screamed out in pain.

Arie! (pronounced R-E) Daryl yelled out while running over to me he picked me up and took me into the prison. Daryl I can walk im not dying I grumbled glancing at my leg, it only grazed me I complained again. Fine he put me down a sharp pain shot through my leg again but I tried not to show it so I could prove him right but when I went to walk my leg gave out, I was waiting to hit the floor but I never did.

What did I tell ya I heard him mumble he sat me on a bench, we waited for Hershel to come back in. I looked up at Daryl I kissed his cheek lightly I tried to pull away when he grabbed my face and started to kiss me I was surprised but started kissing back.

Umm am I interrupting something I heard a voice ask we pulled away quickly looking over to where we heard the voice. Rick was looking at us with a amused look I tried hiding my face so he couldn't see me blushing but failed.

Rick looked at my leg He moved it lightly to get a better look which caused me to jerk it away in pain he sighed and sat down so what are going to do about the fence and governor? I asked him. Well for now we need to get the fences fixed then we will worry about the governor but first lets focus on your leg. I nodded

Not Minutes later Hershel came in with a needle with him thats when I realized its going to need stitches I looked at Daryl with panic in my eyes.

I hate needles so much I tried to get up but Daryl pulled me in his lap with his arms around my waist and arms so I couldn't go anywhere our hit anyone I groaned trying to get free which didn't work. Arie ya might as well not struggle ya not going anywhere he said with slight amusement is his voice.

Rick came over to me trying to hold my leg where I couldn't move, Arabell your gonna have to hold still so I won't mess up Hershel tried to reason but I wasn't listening much, I kicked Rick with my free leg to try to get away but he held me down anyway..

I felt a stinging in my leg, ouch what the fuck! I screamed I don't see why I need fucking stitches I wasn't even fucking bleeding that much! FUCK!

A couple minutes later Hershel wrapped my leg. Your going to need to change the bandage tomorrow try to take it easy for a few days he walked away along with Rick. Nice vocabulary Arie Daryl spoke up while smirking slightly what ever just carry me to my cell. I put my arms out like a three year old would waiting for him to carry me. I thought ya didn't want me to carry ya anymore he said with sass in his voice, well now I dooo I whined.

He sighed but picked me up, ya just lucky I like ya. I laughed and kissed him before he sat me on the bed he started walking away but I stopped him. Hey do you think you could teach me to shoot a gun because I wasn't much help out there when we where being attacked I explained. He nodded when ya can walk properly I'll teach ya but until then sleep and with that he was gone.

~later that day~

I was siting at a table eating some noodles, Kaylum was at story time in the library with a few other kids that came with there parents from Woodbury. Rick came over by me, I have something to tell you I don't know how you will feel about this but try to control yourself he spoke

I looked at him curiously nodding So Carl just told me Carol is teaching the kids how to protect them selfs that means she's teaching them how to hold knifes and guns and how to use them. I thought about it, Kaylums like 3 he doesn't need to be worrying about this stuff Rick! He's going to end up hurting him self! I tried getting up but Rick pushed me back down lightly

Arabell I know it's crazy but I just thought you should know since Kaylum goes there thanks Rick

I watched as he left I waited to get up when I couldn't see him anymore I started limping towards the library I opened the door I spotted Carol talking about knifes. I squinted my eyes. She spotted me panic took over her features.

Okay um that's all for today, the kids got up and left Kaylum spotted me smiling big I ruffled his hair when he walked by making him laugh. I know your mad Arabell but the kids need to know how to protect themselves if I don't teach then no one will.

I get it but I don't agree with it, I don't want Kaylum to have to worry about this stuff he's just a kid he should be able to act like one he shouldn't be worrying how to defend himself I sneered

She nodded just remember that when he gets cornered by a walker and your not there to save them. I clenched my fists angry she would talk like that, before I could say anything she walked away. I screamed punching a bookshelf in frustration

I needed to calm down, I limped around the library till I found a horror book I sat down on a chair then started to read it. I read till Kaylum ran up to me I put the book down, yes?

Will you tuck me in? he asked sweetly of course, I walked him back to my cell Rick brought some cushions from a couch so Kaylum could sleep on them.

After he was asleep I laid down letting sleep consume me also


Yay another chapter hope you liked it.

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