Chapter 28

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Arie get up! I groaned its to early I whined If your not up when I get back you'll regret it Daryl mumbled while walking out of the room. I sighed but sat up I started sneezing like crazy I sneezed probably 4 times in a row.

Damn allergies I muttered I sniffed and went to the bathroom I grabbed a wash cloth and dipped it in water I wiped my face off and walked back out

It was getting colder we have probably a couple months till it starts getting warmer I just hope it hurries.

Daryl came back in minutes later, I felt the urge to sneeze again I sneezed about 3 times making my eyes water.

I blew my nose and sat down.

Are ya alright? Daryl asked with a concerned look on his face I nodded yeah my allergies are just acting up is all, he nodded well come on Rick wants us to get as much water as possible before the stream freezes I put on a heavy coat and my boots the followed Daryl.

I walked outside and sighed I made my way down the stairs and grabbed two buckets we use to transport the water, Daryl soon showed up besides me.We began walking I sniffed some then sneezed again and again I sighed and wiped my nose with my sleeve.

Are ya sure ya don't have a cold or something? Daryl asked I nodded

I'm pretty sure, I then started coughing like crazy I couldn't stop

Daryl dropped the buckets he was carrying and lifted my arms above my head, my coughing slowly stopped. Daryl felt my forehead babe ya burning up.

I shook my head I'm fine lets just get this over with I picked up my buckets and kept walking.

Daryl kept looking at me every few seconds probably making sure I was fine.

I sneezed again ughh I groaned my head was pounding

We finally made it to the stream, I filled both the buckets with water as did Daryl. Can we rest for a second I asked him he nodded I sat down and pulled my knees to my chest to try to make my headache go away. Arie ya not fine when we get back I'm having Hershal look at ya, I nodded not arguing this time.

I stood back up lets just hurry and get back I started walking I sniffed every two seconds, I suddenly felt the urge to throw up I dropped the buckets making half the water spill I grabbed my stomach I was dry heaving, I started cry because of the pain that was in my stomach. Daryl came to my side with a bucket of water

Try to drink this he urged I did and ended up throwing it up, I finally stopped I was out of breath come on Arie were 5 minutes away from camp. I grabbed my two buckets and continued to walk until we finally made it back

Rick rushed over to us he grabbed the buckets from me, Are you alright Arie? you look dead. he questioned I shook my head no and started to cough. Daryl spoke up she was sneezing earlier then started coughing and then she threw up he explained.

Go up to your room Arabell and I'll have Hershal come up there Rick said

Okay I started to walk to the stairs when suddenly I got really dizzy I stumbled a little then everything went black.

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