like real people do | c.g [#wattys2018] by -angryfeminist
like real people do | c.g [ - n -
❝Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips, We should just kiss like real people do.❞ Casey \c(a)-sey\ "alert, watchful" Casey Jenner has been with...
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Sneaky by Miimaas
Sneakyby Miimaas
"That's Evelyn, but she prefers Eve." Dale spoke from behind us. "She doesn't say much. Maybe you'll get to hear her voice someday." Evelyn Rider's l...
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The Sheriff's Sister {Daryl Dixon} by addy_gray
The Sheriff's Sister {Daryl Dixon}by addy_gray
Addy Grimes is Rick Grimes' little sister. Since the start of the apocalypse she assumes he's dead. What happens when they find each other in Alexandria? *Contains matur...
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For You // R.G. by dankass
For You // dankass
Teenagers facing the harsh realities of the apocalypse meet a blue eyed sheriff who may twist the priorities of one of them...
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The Third Dixon(Carl Grimes Love Story) ✔️ by HeyItsMellycx
The Third Dixon(Carl Grimes Love Mels :)
Completed! ✔️ I HAVE A SEQUEL UP!! ❤️ Ashley Dixon. Little sister of Daryl and Merle Dixon. Ashley is stuck in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. She got separated from...
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Life I Left Behind (A Daryl Dixon Story) by Aint_It_Fun
Life I Left Behind (A Daryl Nikki
Charlie Asher has stayed true to her small town roots, despite her new big city life. All that changes though with the onset of the "epidemic"...aka the zombie...
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His Sanity || Walking Dead Love Story [#PFCC2K16] by kiasosa
His Sanity || Walking Dead Love K.V. Sosa
Lauren Howard, friend of the Grimes Family, she was with Lori and Carl every step of the way. But she cared about Rick, Rick and her go way back. Ever since high school...
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The Immune (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes) by ThatImmuneGurl
The Immune (The Walking Dead/ ThatImmuneGurl
First Book! Starting in the middle of season 1 TWD Casey of course was tragic. Along with the broken world where a disease has taken over. She doesn't know how it happen...
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He Didn't Have to Be by Kay0993
He Didn't Have to Beby Kayla rolfes
Carly and her husband jordan have been married for 5 years before the apocalypse started. Jordan was a marine, but was now Atlanta's best lawyer. With a successful husba...
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BAD BOY || Books 1&2 (Carl Grimes)  by zombaequeen
BAD BOY || Books 1&2 (Carl Grimes) by zombaequeen
Contains two books. Mature Content Strong Sexual Scenes Mature Language Vivid Gore Details Viewer Discretion is advised Absolutely NO translation or copy on this book...
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My Dirty Girl|✧Negan by GermanShepherdGirl11
My Dirty Girl|✧Neganby ☽✧ G♔S✧☾
She tests him, pushes him, never behaves and always answers back, maybe he should have killed her when he had the chance. The story of a very bad man and a wicked girl's...
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Farmer's Daughter (Daryl Dixon Love Story) by _ChandlerRiggsGirl_
Farmer's Daughter (Daryl Dixon Mel
"Why are you doing this?" I grab his arm before he storms out the house, but he just shakes me off and keeps walking. "Daryl!" I scream before he can...
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Angel With a Crossbow (Daryl Dixon Fanfiction.) by Staceeeeers
Little Sister || Book One ✔️ by MeanVillan
Little Sister || Book One ✔️by MeanVillan
First book in the 'Little Sister' series! ***** Taylor Rhee, a 12 year old girl. Her life changes as soon as the dead com...
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The Lost Dixon (CarlXreader)  by JeMappleLafayette
The Lost Dixon (CarlXreader) by Daniel Howell
(Y/N) was just a normal 9 year old. Except her father was Daryl Dixon and her uncle Merle was a druggie and a drunk. Her dad loved her more than anything else. She was a...
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How i became Dixon's stress reliever (Smut) by ___SomeStuff___
How i became Dixon's stress ___SomeStuff___
Daryl Dixon smut book
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Returning Home (Spencer Reid and Stiles Stilinski Fan fiction)  by Solivagant_Wander
Returning Home (Spencer Reid and Solivagant
Stiles Stilinski was kicked out of his pack the day after graduation. He couldn't help but lose all hope. That is until he returns home to find a letter. This letter wi...
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|1| Wail  ( THE WALKING DEAD ) by twdbanshee
|1| Wail ( THE WALKING DEAD )by twd.
❛just keep fighting ginger.❜ [ WAIL ] the walking dead | oc season...
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Last One Standing ~ TWD Daryl Dixon by ssjmsjm
Last One Standing ~ TWD Daryl Dixonby SJM
TRUST NO ONE. KEEP MOVING. STAY ALIVE. When the outbreak came and the dead walked Jo and her family promised one another to survive no matter what. Months of running did...
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The Beginning → Daryl Dixon  by -missmischief
The Beginning → Daryl Dixon by ℬrandy ☄
Clarke is the youngest Winchester sibling. Like every Winchester, her life was full of grief, sadness, pain, heartache and death. Since their father, John, was never aro...
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