Chapter 30

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Daryl I don't want to walk anymore I groaned for at least the hundredth time, we went on a run for some more winter clothes like hats and gloves. The car we took ended up breaking down and we've been walking for at least a hour. I've felt better its been a few weeks since I got sick.

The stores just 5minutes away ya will survive till then he mumbled no I won't I whined he turned around suddenly and I was lifted off the ground he was holding me bridle style

I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. That wasn't hard know was it? I asked him

Anything to make ya quit complaining every two seconds he mumbled

A old Walmart came in to view it was a awful sight there was dead corpses laying around, blood everywhere.

Do ya think someone's already been here I asked quietly

I don't know maybe let's be quite and sneak through the back just in case somebody is in there. I agreed he walked towards the back and sat me down

He motioned me to stop once we got to the door, we stay quite till were for sure nobody's here got it he instructed me. "Yeah" He opened the door it made a squeaking noise we walked in I grabbed my knife just in case we ran into anything. I snuck over to the doors that goes into the store I peeked through them, Daryl walked up behind me see anything?

I shook my head nah but the stores pretty big I opened the door and Daryl followed We stay together this time okay? He asked me I nodded and kept walking, we were near the baby stuff I smiled when I saw a little blue jacket with a kitten on it. Ya know we won't know what it is till Morgan has the baby right? I heard Daryl whisper

I frowned I know.....but I can get it for Judith! I ran and stuffed it in my bag, come on let's hurry and get out of here, I grabbed a stray basket and pushed it to the girls jackets I got them in almost every size Daryl you can go look for the guys stuff it's not far from here.

I'm not leaving ya Arabell we still have no clue what's in here he tried reasoning. Daryl nothing has came yet I'll be fine your just like 5 seconds away he sighed I'm not leaving ya. I just rolled my eyes. We finished getting everything surprisingly we didn't run into anything or anyone

We left and started walking again Daryl was pushing the basket since we didn't have a car it's probably a 2 hour walk back to our camp. I opened my mouth to say something but Daryl beat me to it, don't ya start complaining that you don't want to walk or that ya tired or you'll regret It he smirked at me

I sighed but Daryllll I don't want to walk for 2 hours, I suddenly got a idea I ran and jumped in the basket full of clothes, Damn it women ya making it hard to push he mumbled

Shutupp I closed my eyes I didn't realize I fell asleep till I felt someone pick me up. I opened my eyes and we were back at the camp Daryl was carrying me he had a bag of jackets beanies and gloves for us already.

He put me down when we made it to our room he unlocked the door I walked in and fell on the bed instantly falling asleep.

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