Chapter 31

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I was walking around the camp everybody was talking while eating breakfast I smiled it almost seemed normal. when I got to the fence I looked around for some walkers when suddenly I heard a gun shot then I fell to the ground clutching my stomach it was bleeding, I started to cry from the pain and then the governor walked out behind a tree he had a pistol in his hand. He smiled evilly at me while aiming the gun at my head, sweet dreams he spoke then pulled the trigger.

I shot out of bed waking from my awful nightmare, I turned to Daryl he was still sleeping peacefully, I sighed and got out of bed I looked out the window the sun was barely in the sky I noticed it was snowing lightly Stupid December weather at least I think it's December I lost track of that awhile ago.

I went to the bathroom and washed all the sweat off my body I went to get clean undergarments and clothes I pulled my denim skinny jeans on then a tan sweater I grabbed my big black jacket to put over it and slipped my black gloves on they had holes in the fingers. I laced up my combat boots and put my hair in a messy ponytail.

Daryl wake up I whispered

No he grumbled Daryl! get up!

He sighed but got up what? We need to go hunting its starting to snow and I don't know how much it's going to, we could be stuck here for awhile.

I left Daryl to get ready I put my holster on and pulled my katana over my head. When I walked out of my room I noticed Morgan was sitting by a small fire

I walked up to her "hey"

She looked up her cheeks were splotchy and her eyes where red.

Have you been crying? she nodded I think the baby is dead she whispered

I gasped are you for sure? no but it hasn't moved in awhile

Well it could just be sleeping try not to worry about It until your for sure just talk to Hershel maybe? "okay where are you going?"

Daryl is going hunting with me I smiled while looking behind me he was walking up to us his hair was messy from sleeping

Ya ready to go? his voice was rough from sleep. It was hot

Yeah let's get going we walked over to the fences, I crawled under it while Daryl just stepped over it. Come on let's hurry this up my balls are freezing he mumbled I looked at him crazily I did not need to know that

He smirked well ya do anyway I rolled my eyes then he grabbed my hand I'm so lucky to have ya.

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