Chapter 16

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There's going to be switching POV'S so don't get confused :)


After i got myself another gun I waited on Lilly by the door, I'm trying to think of places to look for Daryl, he likes the woods but these woods go on for awhile and I don't even know where I'm at maybe I could find a map or sign or maybe a highway just something that gives me a clue.

Hey I found a gun holster that goes around your leg and it also has something to hold your knife. My eyes lit up I've been needing one if these thanks. I put it on and put my pistol in it and my knife.

So what's the plan Lilly asked after we left the building,

Actually do you know if there is a grocery store around here anywhere?

Yeah about 12 miles east I nodded well Thats where we are going.

Daryl's POV

I was looking around for any signs of Arabell I was currently in the woods all I found so far was walkers. its been about a day I haven't found a camp our anything I'm starting to think I need to look through buildings. I suddenly got a idea.

Knowing Arabell she's probably going to go back to the grocery store we was at if she hasn't already. I started back towards the store it will be a days and a half trip but it's worth it. I just hope she's okay.

Arabells POV

We were walking down the road Lilly was a little ways behind me she wouldn't stop complaining earlier so I might have gone off on her telling her to man up, I just wanted to get to the store faster, I wish I would of never ran off like that I'm so stupid.

"Hey do you have any water?"

Lilly ran up beside me with a hopeful look. Just don't drink it all we have to make it last I handed her the bottle and she took it greedily drinking half the bottle. She just can't follow instructions. I was about to say something when I spotted a walker stumbling towards us out of the corner of my eye, I slid my katana out of its sheath and walked towards it.

I swung it across the walkers head making it fall to the ground it fell to the ground with a thud I frowned stupid face eater I stabbed it a couple times before my anger was gone and continued walking.

"why do you have a bandana wrapped around your head"?

I fell when I was tied to a chair I explained I could probably take it off and that's what I did. it stuck to my head a little from the blood drying I felt my head and there was just a scab.

I cleaned off my katana with the bandana and slid it back in its sheath.

It was starting to get dark so I decided to look for a place to stay for the night, if I was on my own I would have kept walking but Lilly wouldn't be able to handle that.

"Where are we going to stay for the night?"

Lilly asked me as if reading my mind We need to find a small building or we can stay In a tree.

She was silent probably thinking which would be safer but I didn't really care I just wanted to get back to Daryl. We walked for another hour until I spotted a small shed, it looked like it used to be a old snow cone shop.

I peeked through the windows and didn't see anything, I opened the door and nothing was in there. We camp here for the night we are leaving early I'm going with or without you if you dont wake up so get some sleep okay? I spat

She honestly was just slowing me down but I can't just leave her either.

She nodded I put my stuff down on one side of the shed after Lilly. I grabbed a chair and put it in front of the door making it where nothing could get in. Lilly laid down and went to sleep but I couldn't sleep I just laid there listing to the groaning of the walkers, this is going to be a long night.


Hope you liked the chapter....who ever is reading this and the gun holster thing is like what Maggie has if you were wondering

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