Chapter 47

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I looked out the window they just pulled up to a SAMs club, I hope this isn't overrun it looks pretty sketchy. Okay Arabell lead the way Jake said wow of course so if something happens I'll be the first one to die. Okay don't use ya guns unless we are trapped only silent weapons they nodded and got their weapons ready. I slid my katana out of its sheath ready to kill some walkers.

I banged on the door to attract any in there, I sat against the wall, we wait for a few minutes they nodded, so how's ya leg doing? I asked better still limping though, we were interrupted by at least 10 walkers hitting the glass doors. I got up and walked to the door ready? they nodded I broke the lock and slung the doors open, walkers came stumbling out.

I killed three while the others killed the rest, okay let's go and hurry don't spend alot of time get in and get out, I walked in I'll go for the formula and diapers, we parted ways stores give me the creeps ever since what happened with the governor but I don't have to worry about him anymore. I grabbed the formula, diapers and I got a pacifier I put them in my backpack

I guess I should start to look for Hollee and Jake, just as I was walking away I heard a scream, WALKERS!!!! Shit I took off running but was blocked by 4 walkers I slid my katana out and sliced two of the heads and stabbed the other, I was caught off guard when the last one was really close to me I kicked it knocking it over I stabbed it.

I heard more groaning at least 2 dozen walkers was coming my way, I ran to the door and blocked it once I was out I turned around to leave but the car was already gone, those bitches left me.

I punched a wall from being mad I knew they would pull some shit like this. My knuckles started throbbing but I didn't care I started walking towards camp. It will probably take a couple days till I get there this was a hour trip

I just hope they don't tell them I'm dead or some shit, I hope Daryl doesn't hurt anyone but I really don't care honestly but it wouldn't look good for him. My stomach growled at me I need to wait till night so I can build a fire since I'm obviously not walking through the night it's to cold.

Daryl's POV

Ya just left her?! what the fuck were ya thinking?!! She wouldn't of left ya stranded without food and shelter!! I lunged at Jake but Rick held me back Daryl calm down. I jerked away from Ricks grip, I'm going to go look for her. No your not we need you here out fences are weak and if a herd comes by we will be dead! he yelled

Rick what if it was Carl out there would ya just leave him and let him find his way back?! it's cold I can't just leave her to defend for her self. Walkers are starting to hunt in herds since there food supply is low she can't fight on her own! I was beyond pissed Rick always does this he never cares unless its one of his kids

Daryl I don't think-

"shes dead Daryl"

I stopped what? It was Hollee who said it, I didn't want to tell you straight up I just was going to let you assume it after she didn't show up I'm sorry. I'm goen hunting Daryl we need you- I DON'T CARE IF YA NEED ME WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO AND ENJOY YA PRECIOUS LITTLE FAMILY!!! I stormed off she can't be dead they have to just be fucking with me they have to be.

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