Chapter 46

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I woke up laying besides a shirtless Daryl I smiled remembering the events that happened last night I sat up and Shook him some, what ya want he mumbled while turning so he wasn't facing me. We need to get back to camp before people freak I whispered

Alright, he sat up his hair a mess, I got dressed quickly before he could see me I know your thinking who cares since he already has but I think it's weird if we aren't doing anything. I looked out the little window of the hunting stand we was in, there's two walkers down there babe I said

Babe? since when ya start calling me that? he smirked

As of right now I smiled back

I bet you I can kill one by throwing my knife I said while taking my hunting knife out of its sheath. okay but if you loose I get to do whatever I want to ya he whispered roughly in my ear making my stomach do flips.

Deal but I'm gonna win, I aimed at the walkers head ready to throw I know I can hit it, I threw my knife sending it flying through the air hitting the walker making it die instantly, I turned smirking at Daryl

He was astonished when did ya learn to do that?

My dad taught me I whispered remembering how he used to try to take me hunting but I would never be interested in it. Daryl pulled me into a hug I hugged him tightly this is another thing I love about him he knows when I need comfort, he won't hesitate to hug me and tell me everything is okay. Thank you for being here for me I said I'll be here with you till the end I'm not going anywhere this caused me to smile who knew it would take the end of the world to find the person I truly love.

Daryl was holding my hand while we walked back to camp it was silent but I didn't mind. Im gonna go see if Rick needs anything I'll see ya later Daryl left leaving me.

I sighed I wonder if anyone needs help. I spotted Carl putting his gun back together so I walked up to him, hey kid ya need help with anything? I asked

He looked up then his eyes went wide, what happened to your neck?! What do ya mean, you have like three bruises on it. I blushed and grabbed my neck quickly trying to cover the hickeys. Dammit Daryl I muttered

Carl smirked you got some last night, Oh my gosh shutup Carl do ya need help or not?! I yelled slightly

He laughed No I'm just putting my gun back together but I think Hollee and Jake are going on a run so you could help them. I nodded thanks.

I spotted Daryl while looking for Jake and I walked up to him and slapped him on the chest he looked at me surprised. What was that for?! He asked shocked

You didn't tell me you gave me three hickeys! Carl just told me Im so embarrassed I whispered

Sorry I didn't see them I was to busy looking at ya beautiful face he said casually while smirking

Oh save it Daryl, I was about to walk away when he hugged me from behind, at least people know ya mine. I rolled my eyes but smiled I'm going on a run I'll be back later babe

Okay be careful Arie he kissed me quickly then went on with what he was doing.

I made sure my gun was loaded, I had my knife and katana so I was ready to go, I found Hollee standing by Jake so I walked up to them. I'm going on this run with ya since I got nothen better to do. Okay let's head out then I sat in the back while they sat in the front, so what are we going for again? Uhh I needed some clothes and Rick needs formula and diapers for Judith.

Okay I really hope they don't try anything I should of made someone else come with me.

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