Chapter 41

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Daryl's POV

Arie was able to breath on her own now but she is still unconscious. She's hooked up to a IV so she won't get dehydrated, I haven't moved from my spot in 3weeks. I can't because if she wakes up I want to be here to comfort her and hug her and tell her everything's gonna be all right

There was a knock on our door then in came Morgan, She smiled sadly when she saw me I hate sympathy so much.

Stop looking at me like that I don't need ya sympathy I spat annoyed

She sighed sorry, You should really go take a shower and maybe take a walk you never move unless you have to use the bathroom she said

No I don't want to, if Arie wakes up and I'm not here I will feel like shit I want to be the first person she see's end of story I argued not in the mood to talk

Morgan rolled her eyes at least try and get some sleep you look awful after that she got up and left.

She's right I haven't slept in days, I laid down on the second bed that was in the dorms I had scooted it away from Aries bed since she had a IV I didn't want to accidentally pull it out.

I cringed at the thought, I laid down on my back and closed my eyes letting sleep consume me.

Arabells POV

I was so annoyed that I couldn't move but I haven't tried in awhile I've been trying to save up energy, I should probably try it again. I used all my strength to open my eyes but time I was successful, I looked around the room I don't know where I'm at which Is weird. I looked around the room I was in and noticed a Middle Aged man probably in his forties.

Uh excuse me Sir I asked quietly making my throat hurt, he stirred in his sleep then opened his eyes, Arie ya awake! he yelled while running up to me and hugging me. Who's Arie and why are ya hugging me I don't even know you I said really confused

Ya-ya don't remember me? did ya hit your head when ya fell or something he asked himself more than me. Ya really don't know who I am? he looked hurt like he was going to cry, No I'm sorry maybe ya have the wrong person?

No! No! I don't have the wrong person Arie your my girlfriend I can't believe ya don't remember me

This guy was creeping me out I think he's crazy, I turned towards the door when I heard someone come in, it was a guy he had brown hair and a beard, then there was a girl who had short brown hair she looked pregnant, then there was a boy about 14 or 15 he had blue eyes.

Arabell your awake the girl squealed happily

Ya but she doesn't remember anything! the weird guy yelled

Daryl stop yelling if she doesn't remember anything your probably scaring her. Oh so his name is Daryl that sounds familiar, I think I had a hamster named Daryl. Um excuse me I spoke up will someone like to tell me what's going on?

Uh yeah the guy with the beard said

Well lets start by introducing our selfs

I'm Rick, I'm the leader of our group and this is Carl my son he waved some so I smiled in return. Im Morgan your cousin the girl smiled sadly at me, they are making me feel bad cause apparently they know me but I don't know them.

I turned to Daryl who was sitting on a bed opposite of me with his head in his hands, Daryl looked up like I said before I'm ya boyfriend. Im still unsure about him but maybe once I get to know him he will be more normalish, Okay now about what happened Rick started

He told me everything like how we are in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse all the way up to how my throat got slit open to now. It was alot to take in I met everyone else in our "group"

They all seem so familiar it's like I know them but I can't exactly remember ever meeting them.

I walked back into the room I woke up in, I walked up to a mirror and cringed when I saw my face, I had a awful scar I wonder what happened I shook it off and sat down on the bed. I picked up a random book and started to read until it got dark and I couldn't see the words anymore.

The door made a creaking noise signaling someone just came in the room.

I looked up and was met with Daryl, he sat down on the foot of my bed and faced me, Arie I talked to Rick and he said he doesn't know if you will gain ya memory back cause apparently when he fell ya hit ya head pretty hard and got a concision and when that happens ya not supposed to fall asleep but ya did, just don't give up please I love ya and I can't stand you not remembering me He said the last part in a whisper

He loves me? does that mean I love him back ugh stupid head why is it so hard to remember.

Rick said that if we just surround ya with familiar things and go on with our day like we usually do ya have a better chance in remembering something. I nodded taking in his information carefully

Okay thank you for telling me I smiled warmly at him, I started to take in his features his brown hair, his blue eyes he really is hot no wonder Im dating him I suddenly let out a huge yawn causing him to smile some. Ya been asleep for 3 weeks and ya still tired?

I nodded tiredly yeah, well get some rest I'll be here when ya wake up. Daryl got up and walked to the bed on the opposite side of the room and laid down.

Night Daryl I spoke

Night Arie I love ya he said quietly

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