Chapter 1

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Okay so in this story Arabell is 24 and Morgan is 15 that's about it I just wanted to make sure that's clear :) enjoy!


Arabell's POV

It's been at least 5 months since the outbreak my parents went in the first couple weeks it was awful the only family I have left is my cousin Morgan.

Right now we've made camp in the trees, we found a old abandon tree house but we are gonna have to move soon, the neighbourhood is starting to get over run.

I don't know where we will go all I know is I have to keep Morgan safe.

Arabell!? are you even listing to me?!

Oh sorry I was just thinking could you repeat that? uh okay listen there are 4 zombies underneath the ladder were going to have too kill them so we can go on a supply run but I don't know how we can get down unless we jump out of the window Morgan said.

Okay I grabbed my hunting knife and put it in my combat boot and I grabbed my katana. Morgan grabbed her machete and gun. I think we should just jump out the window but only use your knife not your gun got it? I asked.

Yeah okay I'll go first, I jumped out the window after Morgan and landed on the ground catching the attention of a walker I ran up to it stabbing it in its head. I killed two I looked over and Morgan just killed the last one, we started walking to a old Walmart we found a week ago.

We needed some more food

we where walking in silence until Morgan spoke up, do you think we will ever find a group? I don't know and I honestly don't know if I want too its to risky you know what happened last time we found people I don't want that to happen again she nodded in reply.

We finally got there I knocked on the door just to make sure there weren't any walkers in there, it's clear only look for canned food lets split up call me if you need anything I told Morgan.

I went to the canned foods and started stuffing cans in my old backpack, once I decided it was full enough I went to find Morgan. I whistled it was something we did when we needed to find each other so we wouldn't have to yell. She answered, I found her near the crackers you ready? yeah.

We started walking back to camp which was a 20min walk man I wish I still had my penny board. Do you ever just want to find one direction so we could meet them and repopulate the world? I heard Morgan ask I started cracking up of course you would ask that I laughed.

We finally made it back to camp only to find all of our blankets, pillows and extra clothes gone. What the Frick! Morgan screamed shhh your going to attract walkers, At least we brought all of our weapons I thought.

We can just go on another run tomorrow for clothes and other stuff we need to leave early though because I was planning on leaving and finding a new camp, this neighbor hood is starting to get over run. Where are we going to go? Morgan asked

I was thinking we could follow the road north and see if we find a abandoned building but we need to be able to have water supply also. we will figure it out though don't worry. Know get some sleep your gonna need it for tomorrow, I laid down on the hard wooden floor since we don't have any blankets or pillows lets just say I didn't get much sleep.


Hope you liked it so I thought I would kinda describe what Arabell and Morgan looked like so

Arabell has long dark brown hair and brown Hazel eyes and is about 5"4

And Morgan has dark brown hair and it's about past her shoulders and she has dark brown eyes and is 5"0

You guys already know what Daryl looks like haha well hope you liked this chapter

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