Chapter 23

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Arabells POV

No!!! I yelled while grabbing my gun

I shot it a couple times drawing attention to me so the walkers would leave Morgan alone. I shot the four walkers in the head not thinking about the noise that would attract walkers for miles. I ran to Morgan and hugged her, I'm so so sorry I didn't mean half the stuff I said I never meant for you to do this! I sobbed knowing I was lying

Morgan pushed me off her I was taken back by her actions. You know damn well you meant every word you said! You just didn't want to look bad when people found out I was dead because you knew they would blame you! you are so pathetic Arabell! why cant you just leave me alone! You already made your point that you wanted me dead! she yelled.

I was speechless she heard what I said

Morgan I honesty didn't mean- Just save it Arabell. Guys we need to go I looked up at Daryl and Michonne, then to the walkers making their way towards us, we took off running we ran for 40minutes until we made it to camp. The other groups were already back waiting on us, once Carl saw Morgan he ran up to her I thought I lost you he mumbled while hugging her.

I smiled slightly at them, they may be young but I know they will make it through this. Guys Rick spoke up now that we have everyone back, we are moving tomorrow to try to find a safer place we are to exposed here and with Morgan being pregnant we need to find a place that she will be able to relax and not have to worry about walkers getting in a tent.

We all agreed and packed the majority of our stuff so we will be ready tomorrow morning. It was getting dark so after we ate we all turned in for the night, hopefully we will find a place tomorrow.

Next morning

You could literally feel the tension between me and Morgan we wouldn't talk to each other we completely ignored each others presence.

We were all packed up and ready to go I got on the back of Daryl's Motorcycle he went back to the house we were staying at to get.

We were driving on a highway there was cars everywhere, we made a sharp turn down a street and ended up In a little town there was a dinner, grocery store, gas station, and a old motel. Thats everything we would need besides water. Everyone stopped the vehicles and got out. My face was freezing from the cold air hitting and to think its only November

We walked to Ricks car, I think this will be a good place to stay we need to clear the motels rooms first then tomorrow we will clear the grocery store and so on got it? We all nodded

Arabell, Carl your with me we are going to break into the office so we can get keys to all the rooms everybody else sit tight.

Be carful okay? Daryl asked me

I nodded always

I grabbed my katana just in case, Rick broke the glass we waited a few minutes but nothing came, we hopped through the window and started searching. I went behind the desk and looked around for anything useful.

I spotted a bunch of keys in a drawer.

Rick I found some keys! I yelled out so he could hear me, Awsome grab them all and take em outside he answered

I did as I was told, I found some keys so pick out what rooms you guys want and we will clear them, I grabbed a random key and looked at the number it was 105.

"Daryl we get room 105"

Okay that's on the top floor I nodded

Guys we have to wait for Rick before we clear the rooms so just sit tight.

Everyone mumbled a okay except Morgan she just rolled her eyes at me.

I sighed and walked over to Daryl,

Ya guys are gonna have to make up sometime ya know? he mumbled softly. Yeah I know I just screwed up if I wouldn't of said the stuff I did none of this would of happened your right Daryl I am a bitch....

Arie ya not a bitch it was just a in the moment type thing when ya mad ya don't know what ya sayin it just comes out Daryl said

I just shook my head at his comment, No it wasn't, when I said that...I meant it Daryl I don't know why I did, but I did. I regret meaning it though I was just so mad at her for being so careless, in this world there is no room to be careless you have to grow up she just doesn't understand that I whispered

I felt arms being wrapped around me,

I Instantly hugged him back

Everything will work out Arie just give it time.

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