Chapter 27

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We've been at this camp for a month at the most, not many walkers have showed up but we have people on watch just in case Morgans starting to get a baby bump and she is beyond happy me and her are good now which I'm glad.

I sighed breaking the silence "Daryl I want a dog"

He laughed that was random

We were currently taking watch it was probably 2 in the morning.
Well if I find one I'll try to bring it back he said Yes! I cheered

Ya such a child sometimes he rolled his eyes hey am not! I argued

Says the 26 year old He laughed
I scoffed at his comment. Oh whatever

Ya know I'm kidding.

I didn't look at him I'm not really mad at him I'm just acting like it. Arie are ya seriously mad at me? I didn't mean it he said concerned I started laughing I know
He glared at me

I love you I cooed

"Whatever" he mumbled I smiled and kissed him lightly I pulled back and looked into his gorgeous blue eyes he leaned in again and started to kiss me. Our lips where moving In sync I smiled into the kiss.

"Am I interrupting something?"

A voice asked we pulled away quickly

Glenn and Maggie where standing there with a amused look on there face

Ya ready to take watch I'm guessing I asked ignoring there comment. Yeah they answered, me and Daryl walked away we made it to our room I was about to lay down when I was pushed up against the wall I was shocked

Daryl put his lips against mine and shoved his tongue in my mouth I kissed back while wrapping my legs around his waist he started making his way up my shirt he broke the kiss only for a second to throw my shirt across the room. He started kissing me again he made his way towards our bed he took his shirt off quickly. He climbed over me supporting his weight with his arm

He started to kiss my shoulder making his way up my neck before sucking on my neck making me sigh with pleasure causing him to smirk. He made his way to my lips again then he put his hand on my waist he took my pants off without breaking the kiss I pulled at his boxers eagerly making him laugh slightly.

I'm so glad I have Daryl in my life.

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