Chapter 15

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Arabells POV

I opened the door hoping it wouldn't squeak, it didnt need to open all the way just enough for me to squeeze out. I got out of the door and closed it quietly. I stayed crouched down so I wouldn't draw to much attention to myself.

I was crawling hoping I wouldn't be seen. I made it half way down the hall when Suddenly I heard talking coming down the hallway.

Shit! I ran behind a near by door and put my ear against it so i could hear the person walk by. Who are you? I heard a voice ask. I turned around ready to stab them with my knife.

Please don't hurt me she whimpered.

Who are you? are you helping them?! I whispered harshly

N-No they kidnapped me I'm not working with them just please help me she pleaded

I nodded while putting my knife back but if you try a single thing I won't hesitate to kill you got it?!

yes thank you! she said.

Just follow me, be quite, and try to keep up, I opened the door and peeked out the governor was talking to the guards. I needed to get out before he realizes I'm gone, I motioned to follow me as I snuck out the door with the girl once we were out of the people's sight I stood up and so did she.

So you got a name I asked trying to start conversation

Lily Peters she said quietly I nodded and kept walking checking every corner to make sure I don't run into someone. I spotted a door it had a stairs sign above it I jogged towards it then I grabbed my knife just in case and walked in, it was dark I couldn't see anything. I groaned and reached for a pocket in my backpack that has my flashlight in it.

I turned it on and looked around, come on we need to hurry the governor is probably looking for me I said to Lilly while walking down the stairs. As if on cue I heard someone. screaming "shes gone" I want everybody blocking the entrances don't let anybody leave!

Shit, I started running down the stairs I made it to the bottom floor and looked out the window that's on the door. They already have two people guarding the door I turned and looked at Lilly, Do you know how to use any weapons at all?! She nodded I can use a knife but they took mine and I never got it back.

I groaned okay here's the plan your going to use my knife you go for the smallest guy i'll go for the larger one, were going sneak up on them quietly make sure they don't see you I rushed. We need to hurry this up before more people are around here.

I slid my katana out of its sheath and handed her my knife, I opened the door slightly and ran behind a desk, Lilly ran across from me I nodded signaling to go. I walked quickly but quietly hoping he wouldn't here me.

Lilly was ready to stab the guy, I nodded.

I swung my katana and hit the guy in the head I did it a couple times till he was dead, I looked over and Lilly stabbed the guy. Come on! I ran out the door not really caring if she was behind me. I ran and ran till I was far enough In the woods I looked back and Lilly was still here.

You alright I asked while putting my katana back in its sheath, Yeah here's your knife back. So do you have a group or are you by yourself? she asks

Well I had a group but it got over ran and it was only me and my boyfriend for awhile but we got separated when I was taken I explained to her.

Well do you mind if I follow you around because I'm really not use to being alone? I nodded so how old are You I was curious because she looked kinda young. I just turned 18, I nodded she had orange brown hair she was probably 5"6 an had green eyes.

I was walking I find a old town I was searching for any signs of Daryl I have no clue where I am or how far he took me. Hey there's a gun shop do you think we could run In there so I can get something Lilly asked. I just followed her she was about to walk in but I stopped her.

Wait a second I knocked loudly on the door to see if any walkers were in there, sure enough about 5 came and started banging on there door. I handed her my knife ready? she nodded I pulled my katana out of its sheath and flew the door open, I stabbed a walker and cut off the head of another while Lilly got the rest.


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