Chapter 12

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Morgans POV

I was stabbing walkers through the fence with Sasha and some other guy I didn't know just as I was about to stab another someone started shooting again, we took off running through the fences trying to get back to the prison without getting shot. I grabbed my pistol and shot a few times.

We finally made it and Carl, Rick, Maggie,Gleen, and Michonne where shooting at the guys there was about 10. They weren't the governor and his people just somebody who wanted what they couldn't have. Morgan get the kids out of here and to cover I nodded and ran in the prison I found Beth helping the kids calm down.

I soon found Kaylum and packed his, mine and Arabells stuff Carl came running in, Guys we have to go they broke the fence and walkers are getting in, its not many but this place isn't safe. I nodded and Beth took all the kids except Kaylum, Carl grabbed my hand and pulled me outside. He ran to a jeep that his dad was in and we left through the back exit.

We where following some people i think it was Beth, Maggie and Glenn I don't know where everybody else is hopefully there okay. Carl grabbed my hand you know where going to be okay right? our people are strong. I nodded and then I remembered something.

Arabell and Daryl where gone.

Rick! Arabell isn't there what if they run into those guys!? I started to panic. Daryl is with her he'll keep her safe we will try to find everybody by staying in this area we will find them eventually.

I hope your right I sighed and I felt Carl staring at me I looked at him, what are you staring at? I just don't understand how someone can be so beautiful he smiled I blushed and looked away. So where are we going to stay Rick? I think there's a neighbor hood a couple miles North so that's where we will go to stay for a couple nights he explained. I hope we find everyone...

Arabells POV

I woke up next to Daryl we were still on the couch I sighed when my stomach growled begging for food. We needed to go on a run I looked outside and the sun was faintly rising in the sky. I looked at Daryl and admired how peaceful he looked sleeping I smiled. Its not polite to stare I heard him grumbled, how could he tell I was staring I wondered but shook it off.

He opened his eyes and looked at me before gently pulling me closer and kissing me, our lips moved in sync my heart beat was going crazy he moved his hand slowly down my back sending chills down my spine. He then pulled away from the kiss with a smirk. You are such a tease I whined making him laugh

We need to find food Daryl I'm hungry and we need to find warmer clothes then we need to search for our group I stated tuning back into reality.

He sighed and got up, I followed and slung my backpack on my back along with my katana. Daryl I need a holster for my gun and knife because anytime I need them i can't get to them. He nodded I'll try to find one I nodded and stuffed my hunting knife in my boot.

It was really obvious that I had it though it stuck out of my boot alot.

Daryl grabbed his crossbow and motioned me to follow. I did he tried to start his bike but it didn't work, it's out of gas where walking from here.

I nodded its going to be a long day.


Do you guys think there should be more romance in this book between Daryl and Arabell? our is it fine the way it is? I'm just wondering what you guys think :) oh and Morgans POV is what happened to the prison before Daryl and Arabell got there if you where confused thanks for reading!

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