Chapter 40

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Daryl's POV

I was screaming Arabells name trying to get her to wake up her chest was still moving up and down but barely he throat was cut pretty bad but I don't know if it's really that deep since she's still breathing but she could still bleed out easy.

I heard a gun shot then the guy that was holding me fell to the ground it was only the governor standing know. I have been working at the rope tied around my hand since they put it on me and I finally managed to get free, I snuck up behind the governor. I armed my self with a knife I quickly stabbed his back making him fall.

Ya son of a bitch! I yelled when I looked over at Arie and her chest has stopped moving I stabbed the governor in the heart then the head so he wouldn't turn. I ran over to Arie who was laying lifeless on the ground, I tried to remember what Hershel had taught me. I started to do CPR on her, Rick and Beth And Carl came with towels to try and stop the bleeding.

Please don't leave me Arie I cried yes cried it feels like my heart has been shattered in two, the love of my life is right in front of me dead and it's all my fault for not protecting her I was about to give up when her chest started to move again but not much guys give me a air thingy I yelled not remembering what it's called but Rick knew what I was talking about.

While he went to get that Carl wiped to blood off her so we could see how deep the wound was, it wasn't super deep but that doesn't mean anything, Sasha started to stitch her up. I kept hold of her wrist so I could feel her pulse, it was week and started to get slower. Dang it Rick hurry ya ass up! I yelled He came running with Maggie she put it down her throat and squeezed the pump so it pushed oxygen into her lungs.

We need to get her inside, its not safe Walkers will start to come. They helped me bring her inside, I sat her on the bed and kept squeezing the air thing every five seconds like Maggie told me to. Please please Arie you have to make it I love ya so much your the best thing that has ever happened to me, I know I can be a dick sometimes but I don't mean to and you know that, ya probably the only person that can put up with me and I love ya for that....I paused sniffing some I-I can't live without you Arie please don't leave me alone in this world.

Arabells POV

I awoke and was standing by Daryl he was crying and holding a body I moved some so I could see who it was, I was shocked it was me, was I dead?

My throat had been cut and I was bleeding alot. I felt bad I made Daryl cry and he rarely cries, I walked over to him and tried to put my hand on his back but I went right through him.

Daryl started to do CPR on my body, I didn't know what was happening but suddenly I felt a whoosh of wind and everything was dark, I could hear voices they were panicked. I tried moving to show them I'm alive but I couldn't it was like I was strapped down, I tried opening my eyes but they were so heavy.

I started to feel sleepy a nap wouldn't hurt me, I heard screaming but it sounded so far away I didn't think much about it.

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