Chapter 48

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Arabells POV

I'm currently walking down a old road I hope I'm going the right way, this is when a map would be useful but the only person that has a map is Rick. I still can't believe they just left me to die! ugh my feet are throbbing I have been walking since dawn I need to get the move on things before nightfall again.

It's so cold when you have to sleep on the ground at least I always have a blanket with me. I really wish I knew how much farther I had till I got back,

I heard groaning coming from the trees I grabbed my knife out of its sheath I'm hoping its only one

My luck it was three I ran towards one stabbing it in the head killing it instantly, I stabbed another but It moved at the last minute I ended up stabbing it in shoulder. Shit! I stabbed it again killing it I stabbed the last one, I sighed whipping the sweat off my forehead, a few more started stumbling out of the woods.

I started running down the road not wanting to deal with them, I ran for what felt like ages.

I smiled when I saw the camp in the distance I'm so close I've only been gone for a day in a half but it feels like forever without Daryl. I went through barb wire, nobody was guarding it thats weird usually Daryl is on guard

I walked around camp till I was in the front, I spotted Hollee standing by Beth I squinted my eyes while my feet picked up speed till I was jogging I tackled her to the ground.

WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME YA SON OF BITCH?! I Spat while punching her Arie get off her! Beth screamed she attempted to pull me off her but I didn't budge

I thought you were dead! she cried



Beth screamed I promise we thought you died! She cried while I punched her again


Arabell! get off her! I faintly heard someone yell but I was blocking them out ANSWER ME! I yelled suddenly I was lifted/pried off Hollee


I was squirming who ever was holding me had a hold of my waist so i couldn't get away they started taking me away till we was behind our camp, I was sat down and immediately I tried to run but they grabbed hold of my wrists I looked at the mystery person and my eyes met Daryl's.

Let me go Daryl!

Arie! Arie calm down!

Why would I calm down when she left me to die!?

I know I'm just as pissed as ya but I don't want ya to have a panic attack, lets just talk about it during a meeting we will head both sides of the story okay?! He raised his voice slightly.

Since when do ya care about someone else?!

I don't I'm just happy ya alive! okay! I thought ya were dead! Thats what she told all of us! I stopped she told ya I was dead?

This only made me more furious my fists clenched ready to punch something Daryl had let me go I instantly punched the wall sending pain through my hand.

Arie? let me look at ya hand. I sighed but let him

It's swollen and there's already dry blood on it is it yours? I nodded

I think it may be sprained I just shrugged I don't care I started walking fast towards where Hollee was but Daryl grabbed my uninjured hand so I couldn't hurt her. I spotted Rick talking to them. Rick meeting now bring them I pointed towards Hollee and Jake.

We all sat in the library Daryl was besides me holding my hand so I couldn't lunge at Hollee. Jake and Hollee sat across from us while Rick was at the end of the table. So why did you guys tell us Arabell was dead? Because we thought she was we noticed at least 10 zombies going her way, we had to get out of there

Ya know she would of helped ya guys if she was in that position right?! Daryl spat getting angry I know but not everyone is brave like you guys are, we got scared we panicked. Ya didn't even wait on me to see if I got out, ya just left! ya couldn't of waited I stood up. Daryl didn't stop me this time

Rick nodded I think it was just a misunderstanding guys you each thought something different, Rick! it's not okay! she told ya guys Arie was dead before they were for sure! Ya don't know how hard that was for me! She's all I have left! they need to be more careful! Rick nodded towards Tyreese he came over by us

I guess Rick doesn't trust me and Daryl since we are both a ticking time bomb. That is true Daryl, Arabell you guys can leave I'll talk to Hollee and Jake about this. I rolled my eyes and stormed out. I grabbed my sheath and holster Rick made me leave them for "safety reasons" he stated by the way I acted towards Morgan and Carl who knew what I would do to Hollee and Jake.

I sped off towards the woods ready to let my anger out on anything in sight, I slid my sheath out when I noticed a walker it started stumbling towards me, I stabbed it in the chest, I kicked it knocking it over it was stuck in the ground since my sheath was in the ground, I grabbed my knife stabbing it in its head killing it.

I stabbed it repetitively, ya stupid "stab" ugly dead "stab" bitch! I yelled I pulled it out of its head breathing heavily I screamed frustrated letting out all my anger I've held in for so long. I smashed the walkers head with my combat boots making it splatter, I yanked my katana out of It making blood go all over me I kicked it one last time before I stormed back to camp I need to take a shower. Daryl set up a shower system awhile ago it's not warm water but it's better than nothing.

Daryl's POV

I was fixing the fence but I wasn't really putting effort into it Im worried about Arie I didn't go after her she needed to calm down ya never know what mood she's going to be in or how she's going to react to something. Sometimes she's mad but then other times she crys about somethin I think she has anger issues though

I looked up when I heard something, it was Arie I cringed at the sight she was covered in blood her Boot had guts on it along with her face, jeans, shirt, and jacket her hair was matted and falling out of her loose bun. Arie are ya alright?

ya I'm fine I don't want to talk about it! she sneered

I didn't question. I finished the fence shortly after then walked into the dorms I heard the shower system I made running in my room.

I noticed Arie's dirty clothes so I put them in the hamper, I laid out some new ones, I grabbed her favorite black jeans with a loose maroon long sleeve I know how she doesn't like to wear sweats or shorts just In case we have to run. I left her boots though I don't want her mad at me for taking them and cleaning them.

Her weapons laid on the floor covered in dry blood, i grabbed my bandana then cleaned them up for her after I was done I walked out of the room to see if I need to do anything else. I know Arie wants to be alone so I won't bother her.

Hey Rick ya need anything done? I asked Actually yeah could ya help Sasha make a trip wire so if walkers get through they will fall? I nodded

Sure thing got nothing better to do.


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