Chapter 6

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Theres gonna be alot of POVS In this chapter so dont get confused :)


Arabells POV

We were waiting..waiting for someone to come find us it's been a day and where still stuck in this place I would of thought Daryl or somebody would of came looking for us. Even if they did I don't know how they are going to get us out, this place is swarming with walkers.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a voice but it wasn't Morgan's it was another lady's voice. I heard Screaming Run! sweetie don't worry about me! I heard the lady scream. I ran up to the chain link that was separating us and the zombies only to see a little boy run past us into a bathroom he looked about 4. I hope there is no walkers in there.

The lady started screaming it was awful she was getting ripped open by so many walkers they were ripping away the flesh on her face and neck I couldn't do anything but witness the awful murder, I just had to wait till it was over. Morgan was in the back so she didn't have to witness this Im sure she heard it though, minutes later she came running out. Are you okay what happened?! she screamed

I pointed to the body or what was left of the body. she gasped A little boy ran into that bathroom that was his mom I need to know if he's okay. I whispered

I may not know this little kid but I can't let him die he's to young.

I need to save him I whispered mostly talking to myself, I grabbed my katana I'm going out there I tried unlocking the chain link but Morgan grabbed my wrist pulling me away. I know you want to help him but you are going to get yourself killed if you go out there it's not worth putting your life in danger. she told me sternly

It is to me he's to youn- She interrupted me, if someone comes looking for us we can help him when we leave but for now we just watch the door, if he comes out we will tell him to go back inside and don't come out till we come okay?

I nodded okay I'll take first watch get some sleep I muttered. She nodded then left I hope somebody finds us soon.

Daryl's POV

It's been a day Rick I'm going to look for them! I yelled I have been arguing with him for awhile now I tried leaving a couple hours ago but he wouldn't let me but now I'm leaving wether he wants me to or not.

Daryl they are new to the group they are not worth risking your life he yelled back. I don't care what ya think I'm going with our without ya.

I started walking away when Glenn and Maggie stopped me, Listen if ya trying to stop me don't bother!

No where going with you Maggie spoke up. I nodded and walked to a car I got in the drivers seat and Glenn got in besides me while Maggie was in the back. We where about to leave when Rick came up to the car window, I opened the door. look if you guys are going at least bring some extra guns to, you never know what you'll run into.

I nodded he put some rifles and pistols in the back. I put the car in drive then took off, I started driving towards the mall I told them to go too. After what felt like hours we were there

The car they took was still in the parking lot. I stopped breathing what if they turned..what If Arabell is dead.

Come on guys lets go I grabbed my crossbow and a pistol. I started walking up to the doors I looked back at Maggie and Glenn they nodded signaling they were ready, I tapped on the door to see if any walkers where in there. We waited a couple minutes before walking in.

I wish we would of waited longer before entering because when I turned the corner I saw blood everywhere along with a destroyed body I walked to it and sighed in relieve it had blonde hair it wasn't them. Daryl we have a problem I heard Glenn say

I looked up but was met with a huge heard heading towards us. Shit I yelled

I was about to run but I heard a voice

Daryl! it was Arabell...I can't leave know

Arabells POV

I was watching the door when I heard more voices Shit! I heard a southern accent yell it was Daryl he came looking for us. Daryl! I screamed he turned when he heard my voice were in here! I woke up Morgan and we grabbed our stuff.

Ya guys find another exit we'll distract the walkers and lead them away he screamed before I could protest he shot a few times making the walkers follow them. We opened the gate, Morgan took off running but I didn't follow I went into that bathroom that the kid ran into.

I heard crying I looked in the corner he was curled up in ball. Hey I'm gonna get you out of here okay? he looked up I don't know you he cried, I bent down to his level I'm Arabell but we need to get out of here okay trust me. he held out his arms so I could pick him up, I opened the door walkers where starting to come back.

I sneaked out the door making as little noise as possible then made a run towards a exit I saw, I was almost there when a walker walked in front of it. where the shi- crap did that come from I screamed. I set the boy down he clung to my leg I grabbed my katana I stabbed the walkers head. Then picked the boy up again.

Morgan's POV

I was running for my life when I finally made it out the exit I spotted Daryl, Gleen and Maggie

They looked confused and worried what? I asked Where is Arabell?! Daryl screamed. I turned around and sure enough she was gone..she went after the little boy I forgot about him. I was about to tell them when I heard Maggie speak up your okay! she screamed running past me.

I turned around Arabell was standing outside the door with a little boy in her arms. I ran to her and started crying I don't know why I did but I couldn't stop she hugged me until Daryl spoke up. We need to leave before anyone else almost dies.

Arabells POV

I went to the car we drove and sat the little boy in the back seat, so what's your name I asked him Kaylum he sniffed that's a nice name your safe now okay? I won't let anything happen to you I told him he nodded slightly I smiled but it quickly faded, when he asked a question I really didn't want to answer.

where's my mommy? he asked

I couldn't tell him what was I supposed to say oh your mom got ate by those dead things walking around.

Umm she left for awhile, she wanted me too look after you okay? he nodded will I ever see her again? yeah someday I smiled lightly. I got in the front seat and followed Daryl back to the prison.


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