Chapter 11

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What do we do now? I asked Daryl
After my sobs stopped

Lets go search the prison just in case anyone In our group were hiding I nodded and followed him back. We ran into walkers eating a couple dead bodies it was the other guys that where at the prison I grabbed my katana and sliced two of there heads off then stabbed the people they where eating in the head so they wouldn't turn.

I turned around and kept walking we finally made it back to the prison I noticed dead body's with walkers eating them those must be the other guys in the group. I killed the walkers and stabbed the heads on them I sighed but kept walking.

We searched the prison there was no sign of our group everything is gone only thing that was left is Daryl's motorcycle.

I was about to leave when realization hit me, I started panicking where was Morgan and Kaylum are they alive are they alone?! I started freaking out for the third time today, Daryl! I sobbed while breathing heavy but he noticed and walked over to me, I-we have to find Morgan and Kaylum what if there alone or d-

Don't think like that Arabell they are fine we just have to find em, I'll help ye but ye got to stop crying okay? he asked softly I loved this side of Daryl he was so sweet.

It took me awhile to calm down i always have panic attacks but he doesn't need to know that. So what are we going to do now I sniffed We leave is all he said I followed him to his motorcycle he handed me his crossbow I slung it on my shoulder since I didn't have room on my back.

He got on, I soon followed he started the bike, I held on to his waist and rested my head on his back. I was watching the scenery go by when I noticed that we where getting closer to a highway, there was cars everywhere that where abandoned.

Look around for anything useful Daryl spoke up while turning off his bike. I looked around I didn't see any sign of anybody being here. Daryl took his crossbow from me and started walking, I slid my katana out of its sheath and followed.

Keep ya eyes open last time I was here a herd came through I nodded okay we went our separate ways looking around in cars maybe we could find some clothes, it was fall know it was cold I'm just happy we picked up some clothes.

I was currently wearing black skinny jeans with a grey oversized jacket it was warm enough for know.

Daryl was wearing a long sleeve thermal shirt I found him with his angel wing vest over it and jeans.

I walked over to a car I looked through it finding nothing I shrugged and kept looking for anything useful, I looked in my bag then noticed I had no food left just water, a change of clothes, and a pistol Daryl gave me.

After I finished looking suddenly I heard groaning i turned around to see about 5 walkers were coming towards me I ran towards one stabbing its head another one grabbed my arm in the process making me drop my katana I reached for my hunting knife but it was in my boot. I held back its head with my free arm but it wasn't giving up trying to bite me.

The third walker was getting closer to me as were the others, Daryl! I screamed but nothing happened, I kicked the walkers leg making it fall but it fell on top of me. I got my hand free just when the other walker fell on me also. Suddenly blood went all over my face, I screamed thinking it bit me but I didn't feel any pain, I was pulled up and was met with familiar blue eyes.

How many times am I'm going to have to save ya?! Daryl asked annoyed,

Sorry I mumbled. No Arabell sorry isn't going to cut It one day I'm not going to be there to save ya, you need to think before ya do something stupid! he yelled.

Oh me do something stupid like leaving you in a tree when there's people that are wanting to kill you?! I spat back while turning around. I made my way back to Daryl's motor cycle I know it wasn't right for me to throw that in his face he was just trying to protect me.

I just want to leave here and find a place to stay it was starting to get dark it was probably 7pm.

Daryl soon came back and handed me his crossbow, he started the bike, I wrapped my arms around his waist and we left. We were driving for what felt like hours when we came across a little house it had a fenced in yard that would keep walkers out it looked pretty safe but nothing is really safe these days.

Daryl turned off the bike and walked to the fence ready to shoot I had my katana ready just in case, Daryl looked at me, we clear the house you take the rooms I'll take the living room and kitchen and backyard and so on got it?

I nodded he opened the fence, I locked it back, he knocked on the door to see if any walkers where in the house when none came he opened the door. I headed to what looked to be the hallway I opened the first door I peeked in nothing seemed to be in here.

I walked all the way in it was a small bedroom it had a twin sized bed in the corner and a dresser in the other corner the walls where a light shade of pink. I noticed a full length mirror

I looked in it, I didn't look like I used too I've gotten really skinny my stomach is flatter than it used to be and my ribs and hip bones stick out but I guess that's what happens when your limited to food.

My hair was gross and in a pony tail, I also had bags under my eyes I looked could Daryl like me I was hideous. I shook the thought and went to check the other three rooms one was a bathroom and another was a small room a little bit bigger than the first room I went into. it had a queen sized bed, a dresser and the walls where a light yellow color.

The last room I found was the master bedroom it had a king sized bed, a big dresser with a mirror in it and its own bathroom the walls where a baby blue color. All the rooms where clear so I went to check on Daryl he was sitting in the living room on a couch, so let me guess its all clear I smirked.

Yup not one Walker here and there's no sign of anybody living here I added

He smiled and motioned me to come over by him I did as I was told only for him to drag me down to lay on his chest I sighed while listening to his heart beat it relaxed me and before I knew it I was asleep


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